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JSA programme revamped to offer students greater exposure

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    • The Junior Sports Academy (JSA) programme will be revised to offer students more options to develop their interests in sports at the Primary School level.

      Instead of undergoing training for one of nine pre-selected sports under the old model, they will now be able to pick up four different sports during the four-semester period.

      Each JSA candidate will choose one sport from each of the four broad categories available: badminton, table tennis, volleyball (net-barrier/wall), basketball, floorball, football (territorial invasion), shooting, fencing, tenpin bowling (striking and fielding/target) and gymnastics, track and field, wushu (general sports).

      Set up by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2008, the two-year programme will be revised from next month. The new cohort will also begin their training in the second semester of Primary 4, six months earlier compared to previous batches who started at the start of Primary 5.


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    • This sounds like a great initiative.  For those that are at University and wish to be Physical Education instructors or Football coaches, we are looking for you.  We have set up a Football Interest Group in Bukit Batok East Nature View that provides a a first rate football experience on a volunterary basis at grassroots level. 

      Three years ago, we started with just 13 boys every Sunday.  Now, we have 70 children from the age of 4 to 9 learning football.  I work with a couple of experienced coaches and a number of parent volunteers but I am looking for young, enthusiastic adults to help coach. 


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