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50 hrs non stop run 2016

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      The 50 Hours Non Stop Run was first organised in 2015 by Tampines West CSC in conjunction with the Community Sports Festival @ Tampines and in celebration of Singapore's Golden Jubilee.
      The concept of this 50 Hours Non Stop Run is targeted at neighbourhood runners who wish to test their limits at completing various distances at their own pace and all within the 50 Hours period. For the new edition, runners can complete distances totalling 3, 6 and up to a maximum of 10 laps around Bedok Reservior Park. This is equal to 12.9 km , 25.8 km and 43 Km respectively.
      Runners will be rewarded with finisher medals for completion of the respective distances and they can win up to 3 finisher medals in one race. Sign up now to receive a race tee and other goodies!

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