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      As part of National Geographic Channel Singapore’s inaugural education initiative, the National Geographic Channel Young Explorer Programme (NGC YEP), Singapore’s first-ever mobile garden will be bringing nature-learning all over Singapore – and its first stop will be Jurong Regional Library on 13th April 2013, 11am – 1pm.

      The theme of the Explorer Bus is ‘Nature Trail’ and it endeavours to bring nature right to where Singapore’s young explorers are. It is designed to mimic a path through a jungle, where young explorers can get to learn more about the interesting natural world. The path is lined with artificial turf, and specially laid-out as an educational trail where visitors get to read informative tags displaying plant information. The bus also features timber benches, which are natural wood products derived from trees, and a total of 57 or more myriad plants seen across its three main segments: the bromeliad and airplant garden, the cactus garden, and the fernery garden.

      Artificial fauna has been included as well to enhance the overall experience. Imagine butterflies, insects and special sound effects that you’ll only get to see and hear in a jungle! Even natural light has been minimised such that only some can penetrate through the foliage, in order to replicate the real atmosphere of a jungle.

      Here is the schedule of The Explorer’s Bus for 13th and 14th April :


      13th April

      Jurong Regional Library : 11am – 1pm

      Tampines Regional Library: 2pm – 4pm


      14th April

      Queenstown Public Library: 11am – 1pm

      Science Centre Singapore: 2pm – 4pm


      For more information on the NGC YEP, please visit http://www.ngcyoungexplorer.com.sg/

      Mark those dates on your calendar, and come on down to experience nature! 


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