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First Flights Fund Raising Event @White Rabbit

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    • Hello People!
      In accordance to the start of First Flights 2 programme, First Flights will be organizing a fund raising event for the First Flights Empowerment Fund at White Rabbit on this 27th april 2013.
      First Flights is a performing arts programe which is specially dedicated for at-risk youths where we provide opportunities to discover their other talents such as dancing and acting.
      And we will like to use this opportunity to raise fund for the program to provide them with more opportunites and exposure in learning and performing arts
      On that day, The event will be hosted by Tim Nga and there will also be special performances by SSO co-concert master Lynette Seah , breakthrough theatre performers Caintanya Tan and Linden Furnell , contact juggler Mickael Bellemene and OMG! to spice up the whole things!
      The event will start at 8pm at white rabbit on 27th april 2013 and each ticket will be sold at $25.
      all the 100% proceeds will be donated to First Flights empowerment fund.

      for more information on First Flights, visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/firstflights or our website: www.first-flights.org.

      Mark the date on your calendar and see you there!Very Happy

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