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hair care and hair loss

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    • for the past years, i have spent so much money on hair care (for a guy) and yet i find myself shedding a lot of it now. i think im losing it, and i would like to know where could i get professional care here in singapore. Is there any medications i might need to use, or any laser treatment perhaps? i know hair transplant may be a last option, but i heard it is a good one especially if what i am experiencing is permanent hair loss. By the way i heard this place called the hair and laser clinic, can i get any word about them? can they help me with this dilemma? or can you recommend any place here in SG?

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    • i feel you bro. i used to lose lots of hair  in the past until i found this amazing product called the No.1 Head CPR. At first  i thought it was bullshit  but i constantly have been applying it and it really shows results! you should go try it, it's reallly cheap also. Another thing it did for me was it helped me to relieve stress. you can  purchase it at SASAoutlets around Singapore or maybe go to sarashantelle website. Itsreally good!

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