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Ultimate Frisbee anyone?

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  • Caps.Lock's Avatar
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    • Hello People! I'm lookin for people/person to play ultimate frisbee together. Wanted to go to the singapore ultimate frisbee pickup games for newbies held weekly, but didn't dare to go alone. haha. So if anyone here is interested in playing ultimate frisbee as well please pm me or reply to this thread :) Then we can go join the pickup games together.

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    • Hi there,

      Aljunied-Hougang CSC is having their once a year Sports Fiesta on 14th March (Sun) 9am-
      4pm at Hougang Ave 9 soccer field (between blk 917 & 930, opposite Ci Yuan CC).
      There will be a Bossaball and Ultimate Frisbee competition.

      Hope all ultimate frisbee enthusiasts will come down and join in the fun.
      For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me @ [email protected]

      Thank you very much
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