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Lock Sticky: UPDATEDWelcome to the News Discussion Lounge QX179R 0 24,018 06 Apr `09, 6:55PM by QX179R view
Comment ‘Scissors Salad’ anyone? FireIce 3 280 26 Nov `15, 9:53AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Comment Civil servants to get 0.65 month year-end bonus QX179R 0 230 25 Nov `15, 8:52PM by QX179R view
Comment Tighter rules for e-bikes FireIce 9 530 25 Nov `15, 8:09PM by FireIce view
Comment City Harvest trial: All 6 accused guilty of all charges FireIce 22 2,650 25 Nov `15, 11:28AM by Laurahadin view
Comment Amos Yee, I agree and disagree with him at the same time. Mopujuhoha 8 1,860 25 Nov `15, 8:52AM by Zhanzhao view
Comment MAS launches Year of the Monkey coins for 2016 FireIce 9 420 25 Nov `15, 8:40AM by Zhanzhao view
Comment Putin's Quote on terrorism:"To forgive them is up to God..." Ee Hoe Hean Club 5 480 25 Nov `15, 8:35AM by Zhanzhao view
Comment North Vista Secondary School wall defaced with red paint QX179R 0 140 24 Nov `15, 8:54PM by QX179R view
Comment SIA confirms bomb threat on flight from San Francisco QX179R 2 260 23 Nov `15, 8:13PM by Clinda670 view
Comment GE2015 candidate finds out he's actually Chinese, not Malay FireIce 4 500 21 Nov `15, 11:46AM by Benglarrichardlim view
Comment DPP: KONG HEE A WELL-PRACTISED LIAR & WITHOUT CREDIBILITY last minx 51 4,800 20 Nov `15, 9:26PM by minx view
Comment Govt will work for all S'poreans no matter who they voted QX179R 21 7,760 20 Nov `15, 10:00AM by ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~ view
Comment MSF officer allegedly assaulted at Social Service Office QX179R 2 600 20 Nov `15, 8:09AM by Tanai.choo view
Comment China's new 'two-child' policy will add 3 mil babies a yr FireIce 6 620 20 Nov `15, 8:00AM by Tanai.choo view
Comment Water level in Linggiu Reservoir low, could affect SG FireIce 2 410 17 Nov `15, 4:52PM by Limshuhui pretty view
Comment CPF Board at Robinson Rd relocates to Novena Square QX179R 0 260 16 Nov `15, 8:56PM by QX179R view
Comment Official ThreadParis terror attacks QX179R 4 380 15 Nov `15, 10:58PM by QX179R view
Comment Landslide on Malaysia highway buries cars, blocks all lanes QX179R 2 530 12 Nov `15, 11:41AM by Jackhu160 view
Comment Myanmar Election -- National League for Democracy (NLD) won FireIce 2 550 10 Nov `15, 2:02PM by FireIce view
Comment iOS glitch causes text message to crash iPhones FireIce 10 5,610 06 Nov `15, 10:50PM by yoyoswag view
Comment FMSS has been 'grossly profiteering' off AHPETC: MND last QX179R 37 5,440 05 Nov `15, 11:20PM by kmzacs view
Comment Male rape now a crime in China FireIce 0 830 03 Nov `15, 5:50PM by FireIce view
Comment F1 track invader jailed six weeks FireIce 0 830 03 Nov `15, 1:25PM by FireIce view
Comment Sim Lim Square 黑店 last FireIce 54 26,300 02 Nov `15, 6:49PM by Deannaglark view
Comment Small states like Singapore can be 'big players': Diplomats QX179R 2 2,020 02 Nov `15, 3:06PM by Deannaglark view
Comment Employer said:Why are you taking so long in the toilet? notonlynews365 0 1,140 02 Nov `15, 2:51PM by notonlynews365 view
Comment 5-year-old boy found dead in condo along Farrer Road QX179R 3 1,890 02 Nov `15, 2:32PM by Deannaglark view
Comment New citizens can help write the SG story together: PM Lee QX179R 4 1,480 02 Nov `15, 1:43PM by Deannaglark view
Comment Tuas checkpoint shooting incident QX179R 0 1,110 28 Oct `15, 8:33PM by QX179R view