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Comment Sticky: Presidential Election to be held in September QX179R 5 1,110 10 Feb `17, 12:51PM by Honeybunz view
Lock Sticky: UPDATEDWelcome to the News Discussion Lounge QX179R 0 38,838 06 Apr `09, 6:55PM by QX179R view
Comment Amos Yee pleads guilty to wounding religious feelings QX179R 19 4,630 26 Mar `17, 8:06PM by FireIce view
Comment Khaw: Public transport fares may go up FireIce 5 820 25 Mar `17, 12:22AM by FireIce view
Comment Brazil meat scandal QX179R 5 450 23 Mar `17, 3:26PM by Lovnishkum85 view
Comment SG world's most expensive city for expats for the 4th year QX179R 2 320 21 Mar `17, 11:10PM by FireIce view
Comment SPH Radio fined $7,000 for racially insensitive comments QX179R 0 310 21 Mar `17, 9:32PM by QX179R view
Comment Entertainment outlets at Sentosa have breached licence rules QX179R 2 420 19 Mar `17, 12:26AM by FireIce view
Comment Civil servants no longer grouped by education level FireIce 6 1,870 18 Mar `17, 11:52AM by nehtelee view
Comment 5 things you should know about retail giant Mustafa FireIce 8 1,970 18 Mar `17, 9:45AM by nehtelee view
Comment Right to free speech not absolute in any country QX179R 0 440 17 Mar `17, 8:21PM by QX179R view
Comment Proposed limits on using coins for payments QX179R 2 270 17 Mar `17, 1:20PM by FireIce view
Comment Singapore ranked best place to live in Asia for expats QX179R 0 530 14 Mar `17, 9:35PM by QX179R view
Comment Creator of Old Master Q comic Alfonso Wong dies FireIce 5 1,750 07 Mar `17, 8:58PM by Seokasduri view
Comment New CPF Life plan to kick off January next year FireIce 0 490 06 Mar `17, 10:16PM by FireIce view
Comment Singapore stays the world’s 2nd least miserable country FireIce 0 700 03 Mar `17, 8:15PM by FireIce view
Comment Sovereignty of disputed Pedra Branca QX179R 3 1,030 02 Mar `17, 8:52PM by QX179R view
Comment Mindef Internet system hacked, 850 personnel's data stolen FireIce 2 810 01 Mar `17, 8:31PM by QX179R view
Comment Beware of fake website phishing for personal details: ICA FireIce 3 1,030 28 Feb `17, 10:25AM by Monkey1986 view
Comment Is SG Court letting Kong Hee and members scott free ? minx 0 890 18 Feb `17, 3:16PM by minx view
Comment PAP town councils to raise S&CC from June QX179R 0 1,090 17 Feb `17, 10:29PM by QX179R view
Comment 'Stern warnings' issued for Cooling-Off Day breaches QX179R 0 960 16 Feb `17, 11:02PM by QX179R view
Comment Committee on Future Economy outlines direction for Singapore gekpohboy 2 900 09 Feb `17, 1:25PM by gekpohboy view
Comment Short term home rental illegal under new law FireIce 0 1,030 06 Feb `17, 10:52PM by FireIce view
Comment An increasing number of people are sleeping on the streets FireIce 2 1,210 06 Feb `17, 6:10PM by KangTaoMan view
Comment Gas prices to go up from Feb QX179R 2 1,110 31 Jan `17, 9:12PM by QX179R view
Comment Singapore 7th-least corrupt economy QX179R 0 1,230 25 Jan `17, 9:30PM by QX179R view
Comment Govt should be entitled to point out falsehoods under law QX179R 0 1,300 22 Jan `17, 10:47PM by QX179R view
Comment more active steps needed to ensure kids' safety online FireIce 0 1,390 20 Jan `17, 5:27PM by FireIce view
Comment Public accounts watchdog tells agencies to rectify lapses QX179R 0 1,540 18 Jan `17, 9:00PM by QX179R view