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Amos Yee, I agree and disagree with him at the same time.

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    • First of all if you are willing to read I can ensure you this will be a good one. If this thread gets taken down, i'll post somewhere else just search for a paragraph of this post in google you'll find me in no time.

      So... I wanna adress sgforum spam prevention thing, it was dreadful making 8 post in the interval of 5 minutes each. It was so pain.... Please they are better ways to prevention spam like a captcha.


      First thing first let me tell you more about myself even though i've been in effort to prevent people from finding out who I am, I've cloak myself with Tor and some other ways. So don't bother finding who I am.

      I'm 21 and is into internet marketing and I do blackhat, search more about it on marketing and you will understand, thats all I'm going to say. Anyway its not about me its about the things I want to share to you guys.

      But you will find more about my opinion on different topics in the few coming days if sgforum are not sellout and decides not to remove/delete my post. Maybe, maybe not. I want to share this here because I can see that they support some kind of "Freedom of speech". But that is besides the point.


      If you keep an open mind and read through, I hope you have a good read. If not please don't you may not be able to stomach some points that I'm going to mention.

      1. Amos lee is right, there is no "freedom of speech".

      Yes singapore, singapore news and anything that's coming out from the media or some sort are CONTROLLED. Yes it is, you can argue with that but please tell me why they implement the law of the $50,000 license to run a news website when you hit a target number of UV per month ? It's not because they want to earn money from it. Its because it is a very good way to stop people creating unessescery media hype over something that they will need to clean those shit up, also you're require to agree to not post anything offence or related to Singapore government that may hurt or tarnish their reputation.

      We'll talk about him in a lil bit, his just a smart kid that needs money. I'll tell you why also.

      If you still disagree with me, well stop being naive.

      2. CPF is a recipe for disaster, But COE is a brilliant Idea.

      You may argue otherwise like CPF is great! What happens if someone at an old age decides to gamble away their retirement funds or at the mid-late age, it would create more homeless people and also make singapore unsafe.

      Yes that is a valid point, but don't you think that it's sketchy for the government to tell you how you can spend or not to spend with your money ? CPF is not meant for everyone, the poor do {not need/need} CPF. But do they actually snowball your money to let you have more money or they just use and return after ? Think about it, they work like a bank who using your savings but don't give you extra that is really sketchy, and you're down there thinking its just a savings that you'll get back or put on hold.

      Go ahead and start counting see if you'll be able to get back the full retirement money from your CPF if you start withdrawing everytime you can and count to see if you can get back all your money, the answer is never. When the public realize this and start questioning and shit storm comes, trust me people will start going missing and what happens after that ? Singapore will become a third world country.

      Think more about it, I don't wanna write fully why. It's too much effort.

      3. COE is not only great, but superb.

      People that i know of and even relative hated the idea of COE, just for the sake of hating on PAP. But I can tell you that COE is one of the best Idea PAP has incorperated, why ? It stops jam & keeps the city moving, you may argue otherwise like what happens if there's a accident or road maintanience ? The thing is even you have 10 lanes and there's a accident, there will be jam this is unavoiadable, its just something unfortunte happen.

      Now thing of this have you been stuck in a traffic more than 30mins and you're not even able to more an inch. The answer is you never, why ? Because of COE. COE helps the traffic moving, even if there's a jam the most you gonna wait is 5mins and the best part is you're moving every inch everytime, you're not just a sitting duck at a spot.

      Let's move on with this amos lee kid, I know i'm just 4 years older.

      4. Amos lee is a marketer.

      This is going to be a long one, not because I'm interested in him but I'm here to share with you some things about what his real intention is.

      Many of you i'm sure hate on him and he's happy about it. Why ? Because his marketing himself, in marketing we call this viral marketing. Its where a thing or a person suddenly get famous over a topic or what we marketers call "Niche" on particularly something very targetted.

      So what's his topic/niche ? Negativety on Singapore, also if you were to watch his video he is trying to earn money online and he can't. His your typical kid who plays game a lot and learn online how to make money and he failed like every other person who does this who click on a link like " Learn to make money from home, $5000 a month". I'm sure you've seen those ads, trust me those never works. You probably should invest your money in MLM and expect a little bit more results than those.

      Now... what did he do that ? Because he wants traffic but I know google adsense would not pay him if he does something like this and besides youtube ( SG ) are controlled by singapore believe it or not. When someone register something on singapore they go by their rules not the company's original registration of place.

      Why he wants traffic ? Because he can get fame, he claims he doesn't want attention but please. Why would he continue doing such video ? Because all his video's about singapore are getting huge hits or revenge because his just stupid.... you never know he might be that stupid, but I highly doubt so.

      Have he ever realese a video or mention anything about singapore that badly, I HIGHLY DOUBT SO. But i've never watched all his only like 4 of his latest one so I might be wrong, you can confirm with me again if you've more time than me.

      Out of all time, he choose to realese a video that talk negativity stuff about singapore during LKW death. Why ? Because in the history of singapore this is the biggest thing and happening together with the world wide, and everyone's talking about it. why ?

      Because of the exposure that he's going to get, one bad video at the wrong timing equals unlimited among of press and traffic to his name. His made known the island wide, trust me when I say "Traffic = Money". Once you have something to your name and you know you can generate traffic, you do it. Plus his 16 when he does it, nothing is going to happen to him and he will bank a shit ton of cash in whatever he does in future because why ? The exposure is there and traffic is there.

      Check out his previous video " I'm not giving tuition anymore", he mention he have no money and will be lasting on his chinese new year's money.

      I can tell you for a fact that the same people doing what he does is Steven Lim, Xavier Ong, Mr Brown, Dee Kosh. I wouldn't be surprise dee kosh attacked steven lim with a video and they are cahoot together, they just started a war and became friends after both benefiting from it.

      Steven lim you may argue he is stupid, but he choose to do stupid shit on TV live on the first edition of "Singapore Idol", probably he got that idea from "William Hungs" if you remember him from american idol, what happens after that ? He made bank and retire.

      Steven Lim choose to act dumb infront of everybody when everyone knows how high singaporean's ego are. Try arguing with an aunty now over something that she's wrong, she will never admit it's her fault indefenitely. All these people are famous because they did their marketing right and trust me they are going to earn much more than you in years to come, unless you're a million then that's another case.

      5. Singapore is dumb and so is Amos Yee.

      Singapore police should never interfere with this case, but LKW relative's or his son. Why ? Because it's totally fine to do so, imagine someone post a video online and directly insulting your own family. Suing him is not wrong and also that is something correct to do to protect your family's from distress.

      Because of singapore acting so rashly and not thinking probably this case got more complicated than it should. Other countries step in to stop singapore from further charging him because his a boy, a minor and also "Freedom of Speech". In the end charging him because of insulting religion, well that was a bad move indeed and certainly look bad because of that in my opinion.

      What singapore should have done.

      LKW's family member or relative should sue this kid because his being disrespectful and I myself don't like his behaviour, he could have just talk about singapore and not the death of someone. Belive me, I'm not siding anyone I just don't like brats who thinks they can just step over somebody else.

      Then the police can step in to further charge him on insulting religion. Which ever minister was involve in this was just panicing and charge him with something that does not exist. He should just quit because of this, this was just so badly executed.

      Why amos yee is dumb as well.

      Being stupid and tell people with proof over something that you can claim is something, doing something as insulting another is another thing. Do you think this kid will be able to get hire anywhere ? Probably a place like MLM, there won't be a place for him anymore. Company would just start as far away as possible from him why ? Negativity, his insult resulting him in destroying his life. I doubt he can even survive if he migrate overseas, he talk a load of BS and sounds smart but it does not make sense.

      Does he actually know how to he needs to work oversea or even staying there ? He can have the highest IQ but he is still not smart if he can't make any money, and he never will anymore.

      But the tax tho, its really high.... #Justsaying BUT! There are ways to actually change it better for singaporeans. The government are just money grabbing... they should consider more, what the video mention that is true will be the healthcare. I totally agree on that point that the money that the government received should be in the healthcare.



      If you enjoy this read let me know more or input your opinion, if my account doesn't get removed I'll certainly talk more :P

      Next topic I'll be discussing.... You guys decide, Just post the topic right below this.

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    • Yi pai hu yan.

      Who do you think you are?

      Wall of text ......    

      Don't even know how to make your article interesting and expect people to read.   Zero IQ, zero EQ.

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    • If you send an email or sms once in a while, it's marketing that loses to others'.

      If you upload a youtube video once in a while, it's advertising that loses to others'.

      If you wank an erect penis once in a while, it's gratificating that loses to others'.

      If you can't lose, you can't win.

      If you keep winning, your emails and penises and videos only make you hate yourself more, and make others hate you more too perhaps.



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    • He sot want luh kena sue and thrown in IMH still not scared and still dare to make video saying politician stuff...

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    • Originally posted by Mopujuhoha:

      But do they actually snowball your money to let you have more money or they just use and return after ? 

      there a many kinds of financial instrument to save for retirement. stocks, bonds, fixed deposit, etc. they differ in risk and returns. an individual needs to diversify the retirement fund in all instrument to balance out risk and returns. CPF is one of the instrument that is needed.


      when the money is in bonds, the returns may be a little higher but you might lose the money that you put in. fixed deposit has almost no return but you will not lose the money you put in. CPF returns is higher then fixed deposit and you will not lose the money you put in. the difference between CPF and fixed deposit is that you can not take out CPF as and when you like.


      frankly speaking, if an individual is saving for retirement, then that money should be taken out like in fixed deposit, fixed deposit is only useful for rainy days but we are talking about retirement here. when the money is not taken out in a fixed deposit, then fixed deposit is really bad for saving for retirement, theres why CPF is better then fixed deposit.


      which means an individual needs to have CPF, bonds, stocks for retirement. all these are financial planning, since you mentioned you are 4 years older than amos who is 16, i assume you are 20. im not sure how expose you are to financial planning. to really see CPF as it is, an individual needs to know the bigger picture of financial planning.


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    • He's been strangely quiet recently..... either that or everyone's so tiried of this gimmick that they stopped sharing his stuff >_<

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