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Rubbish collection fees for homes to be increased

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    • Rubbish collection fees for homes to be increased from next year

      SINGAPORE: Households will have to pay higher rubbish collection fees starting next year, due to the rising cost of providing such services, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Monday (Nov 7).

      From Jan 1, 2017, the monthly rubbish collection fee will be S$8.25 for apartments – including HDB flats and condominiums that have not opted out of the public waste collection scheme – and S$27.47 for landed homes. The fees are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

      This is an increase of S$0.76 a month for households living in apartments from S$7.49, and an increase of S$2.66 a month for those living in landed properties from S$24.81.

      The increases are necessary due to higher operating costs such as that for manpower, NEA said.

      Public waste collectors are appointed by NEA to collect refuse from households via open tenders. Each household pays a monthly fee through its utility bill.

      The rubbish collection fees for households are reviewed on a regular basis, and the next review is scheduled for January 2019, the agency said.

      - CNA/cy
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    • Fees go up again! Right hand gives out, left hand must take back. To the rich people that is nothing much, but the poor will suffer again cos of the rising cost of living....

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