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16 year old boy arrested after attacking girl with knife

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    • 16-year-old boy arrested after attacking girl with knife at Bedok View Secondary School

      SINGAPORE - A 16-year-old Bedok View Secondary School student was arrested for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon after attacking a female student on Wednesday (April 19).

      The Straits Times understands that the boy had injured the girl with a kitchen knife because of relationship issues.

      The girl is in Secondary 3, Shin Min Daily News reported on Thursday (April 20).

      ST understands that the boy was speaking to her when she ran from him, and he cut her in the back with a knife he had.

      The girl sustained a minor wound about 1cm-deep.

      Police told ST that they were alerted to the case at 6 Bedok South Avenue 3 at 11.05am on Wednesday and arrested the boy.

      Police investigations are ongoing.

      ST has contacted the school for more information.


      -- ST

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    • if I am their classmate brotha, I will save that girl and give that brat my leg boot, then followed by leg drop brotha right onto his face brotha:

      and maybe that girl will fall in love with me brotha and I can show off my muscle brotha while she is standing next to me like this brotha:

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    • Aiyoh. You hardcore wrestling fan.


      What happened if you leg drop and missed? Your balls get into the fella mouth and he chomped it off. Then you become the Ah Qua in white ... hehehe.

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