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Macpherson RC sorry for charging locals more

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    • Macpherson RC sorry for charging locals more; offers full refund for community event


      A Resident’s Committee (RC) in Macpherson has apologised for charging Singaporean citizens three times more than new citizens for tickets to a community event on Thursday (Aug 3).

      In addition, the RC will be making a full refund to all participants.

      Singaporeans had to pay S$3 for a ticket and new citizens S$1 for the event that took place last Sunday (July 30), which included dance performances and lunch.

      The Macpherson Zone B RC was criticised by residents and netizens, after a poster of the event showing the difference in ticket prices were shared online.

      The RC explained that, through offering cheaper tickets, it wanted to encourage new citizens to join community events. It said in a Facebook post: “We thought that a lower ticket price will encourage more new citizens to come forward. In doing so, we have neglected the feelings of the majority of our residents.”

      Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling, who oversees the MacPherson ward, said she was upset when she found out about the episode on Wednesday.

      She said: “We have counselled the RC and tightened the internal vetting process. The RC had no ill intention but, still, it was a mistake that should not have happened.”  

      Describing the incident as a “lesson for the RC”, Ms Tin added: “I have asked them to right the wrong by refunding all the participants of this event”.

      The RC also said in its post that it “never harboured any intent of discriminating fellow citizens”.

      It clarified that the decision to have different ticket prices “was a once-off decision by our committee” and “definitely not a policy of the MacPherson grassroots”. 

      In its apology, the RC said the “episode is an honest error in judgement on our part”.

      “We are truly humbled by this and thank everyone for pointing out how we had erred. We have learnt from this episode,” it said.



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    • The RC had no evil goal yet at the same time, it was a slip-up that ought not have happened. The RC has since apologized (see connect underneath) and I have requested that they right the wrong by discounting every one of the members of this occasion. The RC contains Singaporeans who are kindred occupants in the zone, and who have volunteered their own opportunity to serve the group throughout the years

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