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Tampines most kiasu town in Singapore

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    • Tampines most kiasu town in Singapore: Giant

      SINGAPORE: Tampines is the most "kiasu" town in Singapore, according to Giant Singapore.

      Tampines residents topped a recent inter-town competition with a total score of 1,245,914 points, with Serangoon and Jurong West coming in second and third with 1,226,692 and 975,174 points, respectively, said the supermarket chain in a press release on Wednesday (Oct 25).

      Orchard and River Valley emerged as the least kiasu town.

      According to Oxford Dictionaries, kiasu refers to a person "very anxious not to miss an opportunity".

      The contest was conducted in the form of an online "kiasu assessment quiz" that ran for a month from Sep 25, and attracted more than 57,000 submissions. Each participant’s result was collated, based on their postal code, into an overall town scoreboard that showcased the top five kiasu towns in Singapore, the company explained.

      Based on the results, Giant concluded that nearly half of Tampines residents would press the traffic light button repeatedly in the hope that it would make the light turn green faster. They are also twice as likely to "rush and eat all the food in a buffet before others can get to it", as well as reserve, or "chope", seats at coffee shop with tissue packets, umbrella or a bag.

      "One in three Tampines residents would accept free concert tickets, despite not being a fan, so that they could resell them on Carousell," the company added.

      For winning the contest, residents will get to enjoy a one-day-only "mega giveaway" on Saturday at the Giant Tampines hypermarket, Giant said.


      Source: CNA/hs

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