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Singapore Flyer suspends operations

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    • Singapore Flyer suspends operations due to 'technical issue'

      SINGAPORE: The Singapore Flyer suspended operations on Thursday (Jan 25) morning due to a "technical issue", it said.

      According to a media statement, the observation wheel was stopped to "conduct a thorough check".

      Updates on the situation can be found on Singapore Flyer's Facebook page, it added.

      Channel NewsAsia has reached out to Singapore Flyer for more details on the technical issue and whether any passengers were affected.

      Source: CNA/mz

    • Singapore Flyer reopens after faulty part replaced, thorough inspection

      SINGAPORE: The Singapore Flyer reopened on Sunday (Apr 1), more than two months after operations were suspended.

      The observation wheel last ran on Jan 25, when it was halted at 9am due to what the Flyer’s operator said was a “technical fault”.

      A total of 61 people were on board at the time.

      A Singapore Flyer spokesperson said the operator had replaced the part that had caused the fault. It had also inspected areas that were unaffected by the Jan 25 glitch and worked with an independent specialist professional engineer to conduct the necessary tests.

      In a statement, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said it had permitted the Flyer to resume operations as the engineer had carried out the “necessary checks and tests to the satisfaction of BCA”.

      Tourists at the Flyer on Sunday afternoon appeared unfazed by its recent closure, with many saying they counted themselves lucky that they had managed to catch a ride during their trip.

      “We’ve been waiting for three weeks. We leave on Wednesday and I just happened to check the Internet to see if it was open,” said Mr Ricardo Flores, a visitor from California, United States, who was at the attraction with his wife and mother-in-law. “Luckily it was, so we came down by taxi right away.”

      Those whom Channel NewsAsia spoke to said that they did not experience any issues during their ride.

      “It was a very smooth ride; a comfortable one,” said Dr Barkha Arora, a visitor from Oman. “No issues; we had a wonderful experience, had a good view of Singapore from right up there. That was pleasant.”

      Food and beverage businesses in the area also welcomed the Flyer's reopening.

      Staff at the Subway franchise told Channel NewsAsia they had seen up to an 80 per cent dip in sales during the closure. A manager at Bhandari’s Saffron, who wanted to be known only as Mr Naveen, said the restaurant was “a little bit affected” but that the management had given it a discount on rental.

      Despite a steady stream of tourists at the attraction on Sunday, registered tour guide Jackie Lau said there were far fewer tourists than usual. However, she expected numbers to increase in the near future.

      “Our Indian market is starting right now. They love the Flyer and most of them would like to come to the Flyer,” said Ms Lau, who had taken a tour group to the Flyer after reading that it had reopened. “So you can expect big crowds after today.”

      Source: CNA/mz

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