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    • Tonight dinner will going to Shirayama Kanko Hotel.

      Dinner will be in this hotel.

      From the hotel overlooking  mount Sakurajima

      Morning at the ground level evening at the top mountain level.

      Interesting right.

      Folk enjoy the updates.

      Stayed tune for more surprise.

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    • Reporting at Sakurajima island we left the mainland this morning with our rented car together.

      we drove together onto the ferry heading Sakurajma.

      Today the whole day will be in this island.

      Will be leaving till this evening.


      Weather still 13 degrees cold.




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       We will be driving to Kanoya which is connected to Sakurajima island.

      Hearsay the volcano eruption once brought this happen and connected and today very convenient can drive there.







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    • Over here still cold around 9 degrees.

      After the whole day at Sakurajima.

      Back to mainland Kagoshima City.

      Now we are at Aeon shopping center.

      Shopping around and looking for food.


      One shop found something interesting.

      Local Singapore foodstuffs and chilli spices.

      Carried in one of the shop over here.

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      Wow ....World collections products from COFFEE beans to anything like our local chilli paste from Singapore. Coconut milk if you like to cook curry not a problem. All ingredients all found here at Aeon Shopping Centre.

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    • Got back for myself at DIY shop. 

      Happen to be White day celebration.

      Many people are buying for some present to their love ones.

      Man buying for Girl to present something.

      The indoor plant section.

      Saw a nice and interesting  product came with pot soil and seeds going for one thousand yen.

      Grab one of this all three in one.

      Do you know ?

      Haha heart shape tomato miniature plant growing on.the pot and soil provided.

      Look interesting just hope that this will grow over in my living room back in Singapore.

      According to staff he told me you can grown his at your country room temperature should be ok.

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    • Good Morning.

      Reporting now at the ferry journey in middle of the sea between mainland Kagoshima City and Yakushima.

      Temperature 4 degrees very cold than yesterday.

      Hear the announcement from the jetty when we on board the ferry. Over at Yakushima is about 3 degrees and it could be lower.

      From here we will be coming back on Monday to mainland on Monday according to plan.


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    • Now already set foot at Yakushima island.

      Now heading to the island car rental company.

      Looking for a two days rental on this island.

      Our first move will to do and orientation in this island later will be checking in to their local native  home stay 

      Over here yes 3 degrees

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    • Tonight we will be staying at Manmaru Ryokan in Yakushima already booked the stay here for two days.

      Wanted to know the rate please check their website. And do some research by your own.

      After that please cover the mouth with your hands and laugh all the way out.

      Don't let people know why so cheap here tourist destinatio

      UNESCO heritage site some more.



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    • Wow..... really cold 1 degrees over here in Yakushima.

      Just had our dinner serve.

      Japanese style.

      Now taking a rest in the room. With some satsuma shochu to keep our body warm.

      You must know this before you came.

      Brought the bottle before we came.

      This is a must from past experience.

      Buying from them will be expensive.

      Tomorrow we will going up the mountain early in the morning..


      We will get a good sleep cause tomorrow need many energy to the top of the mountain.

      7000 years cedar tree.

      Please never said saw that 1000 years that talk of the town olive tree inside that two glass domes.

      That claimed it's one thousand.

      To believe or not to believe.

      Up to you to judge.


      Good Night.


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    • Reporting at Yakushima Japan.

      Over here today is about 6 degrees.

      Raining Raining over here Cold Cold.

      Wearing  pvc poncho brought here from Singapore remember this is a must.

      Luckily we had this a kind of protection.

      In the morning started at 6 am.

      Drove our rented car to the starting point started to rain.

      A little dangerous cause it's slippery.

      The timing must also be correct up to the top and down from the top we must know the sky will turn dark fast.

      You need to stand by some foods on the top.

      But luckily we know we brought breads and water this time.

      The last trip I brought Bento.

      But this time I know bread is more easy.



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    • Jomon Sugi 1280m.

      We must see this more than 7000 years old tree.

      At last at one o'clock we finally reach this station.


      This giant cedar tree.


      We scale down to the ground 4pm.


      Since we are here why not stay a little longer.

      Unfortunately we had no chance to see sunset.

      Some lucky one saw sunset and sunrise that will be better.

      Now we are going back to Manmaru Ryokan.

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    • O... no


      another cold day 6 degrees over here in Yakushima our final day over here in this interesting UNESCO World Heritage site.

      Now we are having our morning breakfast.

      At Manmaru Ryokan. Than we will checkout and return our rental car and waiting to be on board Ferry back to mainland Kagoshima the slow ferry will take about four hours journey.

      At 1.30 pm.


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    • Today back to mainland. 

      The whole day will be on relax mood.

      Food and resting cause just to recharge some energy yesterday we hiked up to the mountain top.




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    • Now dinner time in mainland Kagoshima.

      Wow very hungry.

       Going to ichi ni san restaurant at Tenmokan area.


      Their Shabu Shabu should be good.


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    • 6 degrees again.  


      Good Morning over here at Chuo Station Kagoshima.

      Today we are going to had our breakfast at Backerei Danken Yoshino 2 chrome Kagoshims


      Information received that this German style bakery shop gave a long Q everyday.


      So happened to be here why not.

      Go there look see look see how good.

      Their offer by work of mouth.


      Even people like us from Singapore also know this.


      I think their bread can never talk.

      Is the people talks.


      How can bread talk? 


      Will report once I got to eat it.


      Today we are going to the South of Kagoshima.



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    • Tosenkyo Somenagashi at ibusuki now.

      Somen lunch.

      Very Cold over here about 6 degrees.

      The fun is inside the valley restaurant.

      Those cold spring water somen following machine.


      You need to let it flow round and round and using the chopstick to pick them before entering your mouth.



      Later we are going to The Sand Onsen on here in Ibusuki.


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    • Yes folks.

      That bakery shop at Konan dori

      Backerei Danken

      Yes really too many people.

      Inside and outside.

      The crowds keep coming in.

      Why. freshly baked once out the customer just clean the tray immediately never let any thing.


      Clean sweep at anytime.


      Saw one variety some big salt droplet on top best selling.

      Once came out gone. I happen to grab two.

      Wow good.

      The  bread over here.

      Not like our big but only air inside.

      Just one bit the bread is puncture.

      Can say the best.

      No problem once I get back to Sing I will upload the video and show the crowd.

      That why I told bread cannot talk only people can talk.

      Wow. I didn't know at Chuo  Station nearby also got one.

       Just this evening pass by saw went in a grab a few more for tommorow.




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    •  Address.

      Open 7.00 ~20.00.

      Closed on Monday.

      16~3 Chuo~Cho Kagoshima.

      Phone 099 214 9550.




      Near our car rental office Nippon car rental.

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    • 6 degrees again this m3orning.

      Today basically will be visiting sochu factory black vinegar fish cake.

      And local foods.

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    • Last night dinner at Aeon shopping center. Went to the ground floor at the end of the shopping center Baget Restaurant.

      What interesting was free flow breads as you like once you pay extra 180 yen.

      The main course from fish. chicken.beef.

      Range from 1000 to 2000 yen.

       Other than this they do had many other variety.

      But no cheap four of us spend nearly 6000 yen over here sometime we need to pay and learn from mistake. Venturing for food must be more careful on decision.

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      Good M4orning


      Today will be long drive. After checkout.

      We will heading to Kumamoto. 

      Stay a night over there than the next day will be visiting Mount Aso.

      Our next stop will be Nagasaki.

      This trip we planned in a more relaxing mood kind. No rushing like refugee.

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    • Now at Kaze No Oka Nobara.


      Dinner time just over going for an onsen bath.


      Love this place the boss still remember me.

      He is a western trained cook from Canada for many years before he decided to converted his home to a pension.

      Coming back home.

      He told better than working for people.

      Log house very lovely renovated.

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    • Two day ago came across an article about the Two glass domes at home Sakura bloom.

      What kind of Sakura? Spoke person told no need to go overseas now come we offer you at home.

      Come on man.   see so many airlines now are are fighting encourage  yout to fly. Like Cathay Pacific less than six hundred to Fukuoka.

      Singapore Airline to Hong Kong less than

      Four hundred even now I am in Kumamoto also aware about this.

      So don't fooled by this people over there.

      They think we are all goondo.

      Haha...see Sakura stay and throw money to them.


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    • Good M5orning


      Breakfast time at Kaze No Oka Nobara.

      Freshly bake bread western morning breakfast prepared by the owner.



      Mount Aso .

      Helicopter ride at Mt Aso ( option)

      Kumamoto  Castle.

      Kumamoto Oyster. Kumamoto strawberry farm.


      Cold Raining temperature 16 degrees.

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