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    • 14 degrees over here at Kumamoto.

      Rain Rain. The whole plan jeopardize for Kumamoto.

      MT Aso heavy rain.

      No helicopter 

      Strawberry farm at Hikawa.

      Rain again. Failed.

      Kumamoto  oysters happen to buy from super market.

      Two boxes of Kumamoto big strawberry.

      Yen 4000 each.

      Tonight will ask the  Pension owner  to cook for us.

      Now heading back to the mountain top for the night.

      Just dinner and onsen again.




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    • Good M6rning.

      The mountain top really good wake up at 6am.

      Go for a morning walk on top of this mountain

      Very nice scenery waiting the sun to rise.

      Birds singing everywhere. Nice ambience.

      16 degrees the morning dew and fresh air.

      Very cooling.

      Today we are heading to Nagasaki about two to three hours drive.

      We will be leaving after breakfast at noon we  down to this mountain top.


      Last night those Kumamoto Oyster already 

      Ate it....the chef cooked in Japanese style

      With crispy coating deep fried to golden in color.

      The oyster really good. But two packet of Hiroshima is better big side once you use upper jaw and lower the set of teeths bite it.

      What to say over at home once you sank your

      Teeth into it the milk flown out.

      But Hiroshima you can sank slowly your teeth up and down slowly slowly the feeling just don't what to say.

      You try than you know very difficult to explain.


      Nagasaki here we come.


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    • 15 degrees over here in Nagasaki.

      We already arrived.

      Our hotel for this three days stay will be at APA Hotel  Nagasaki Ekimae.

      Just for three days and a few hours sleep till the next morning why need 5 stars rating hotel

      We don't care what people rating.


      As long we got a place to sleep at night below hundred  fifty sing dollars and near train station we go for it.


      Tonight we will going to Chinatown.

      Some Chinese foods.

      And around this area.

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    • Nagasaki bright sunny day 15 degrees.


      Today will visit a few famous site from Nagasaki.

      Ground zero Atomic site.

      Cathedral church

      And many other if time permitted.

      Last night dinner Saraudon, Champon, Sweet and Sour pork, green vegetable.

      And not forgetting Nagasaki Kakuni Manju.

      (Braised Pork Bun)

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      Vernal Exquinox Holiday for tomorrow some shop closed early in Nagasaki.


      So just go to yoshinoya restaurant take some food for dinner.


      Later will be heading to mountain again.

       Mount Inasa.

      The best night view from Nagasaki.

      There are other two Mt Maya from Kobe.

      And last from Hokkaido. Mt Hakodate.


      Today just completed three tourist attractions.

      Clover Garden.

      Atomic Bomb Museum.

      Nagasaki Peace Park.





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    • Over here in Nagasaki 9 degrees in this cooling morning.


      Today we are going to Sasebo.

      Where Huis Ten Bosch were.


      Come see the flowers over here.

      Sorry we are not seeing in those glass domes.

      We are seeing sea of flower.

      This is what we are waiting for.

      Spring Tulips.

      One bad news about today visiting.

      The staff from the hotel told the opening and the crowds could be some changes.

      Try your luck.



      For lunch we are planning to eat those famous Sasebo Burger. 

      Huge big good Burger.

      Big Man Burger with a Elephant head logo.



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    • Now having a bowl of hot Hakata ramen at Amu Plaza. 

      Another successful outing today it's holiday.

      Everywhere toward Huis Ten Borch traffic is bad. Too many cars, just their local  native crowds already can contribute.

      Without foreign tourists.

      Just curious they can go as many one time.

      To this kind of theme park.

      Sasebo Big Man Burger for lunch already done.

      So after dinner will walking around this shopping center and back to hotel for the night.





    • Good  Morning.

      From Nagasaki monday morning.

      At my hotel room the temperature dropped to 9 degree again. Cool Cool day.

      After breakfast our journey begin the last day in Nagasaki.

      To Chinatown by the day first stop, than Dutch slope, Confucius Shrine, Kofu and Sofu temples.

      And the last stop will be Dejima site.

      Last night watch on the TV the northern part Sakura already fully bloom.

      Over here is Nagasaki also spotted some already bloom in some houses at the residential area.

      That is all about today plan of our journey.


    • Tonight dinner will be Nagasaki Okonomiyaki.

      Come to Nagasaki must try Nagasaki..style.


      Go to Hiroshima than you must try Hiroshima style.

      the weather so good for today we completed.

      All place of interest in Nagasaki all did.

      Tomorrow we are heading  to Oita Beppu.

      Another interesting place for Onsen.

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    • Just checkout from Nagasaki hotel uploaded all the luggages into the car another 260 kilometers drive to Oita it could take us about three hour on highway.

      Over here about 16 degrees still very cooling afternoon.


    • Beppu 


      Now  at Sea Wave Hotel.

      Near Beppu Train Station.


      Check-in and going up to the hotel room for a shower and later heading for our dinner.


      Over here one sashimi is famous.

      Seki Aji a kind horse mackerel fish.

      Ocean catch by single-hook.

      Not by net that make it so special.


      Over here one of their deep fried  golden chicken. Also must try.




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    • Already fast going to the end of our expedition three weeks Kyushu tour.

      Over here Beppu still 15 degrees  Cool Spring in Japan.

      Today will be exploring those famous colours.

      Beppu Spring Onsen lakes.

      And will be going for an onset bath.

      Foods and Sakura spotting.

      Today iternery.


    • The last three days of this Kyushu trip.

      Over here at Beppu.

      Yesterday the weather perfect outing.

      at Jigoku Meguri.

      All of this Umi Jigoku cobalt blue.

      Chinoike Jigoku bloody.

      Tasumoki Jingoku.

      One thing the smell you cannot take it.

      I mean the air over here like rotten eggs eveywhere.

      That make it famous, everywhere gases on the ground rising upward even resident houses backyard also got.

      Looked like factory everywhere. Over here you must try the egg custard pudding.steamed from this volcanic hell gases  called Jingoku (hell) pudding and the egg cooked by those hot spring water.

      Lunch we went for the cold noodle and onsen over here.

      Yes we spotted some early Sakura blooms

      Over here while the journey to this destination.

      Today over again 9 degrees today we are heading to Mount Tsurumi.

      Will be taking the gandola Beppu Ropeway.

      Like over Sentosa cable car. Their is a bigger version.

      Stay tuned

      For more update





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    • Today Yufuin Floral village, Kintetsu ropeway. Onsen at Yufuin.

      From mountain view to  countryside cottage town.

      The houses here are lovely and you may think you are in British or in French countryside

      Those cottage houses

      Tonight will be going for a good Bungo Beef Steak dinner come here as a tourists.

      Tomorrow we are leaving here from Beppu.


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    • Bright sunny Saturday 13 degrees at Beppu.

      After checkout and lunch we will heading to our last leg to Hiroshima.

      On monday will be check-in at Fukuoka  hotel and stay a night and next morning tuesday will be catching a flight back to Singapore.

      Our plan at Hiroshima will be all option.

      Upon reaching than we decide.

      Miyajima,Okonomiya,Hiroshima Oyster a must hearsay the size is as big as a human finger length.Shine and Temple,Hiroshima. Flowers.

      etc if time permit us to do so


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    • All may wanted to know what is the taste of Bungo wagyu from Oita.

      You can find many articles about this.

      If you are at Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, everyone will tell you their is the best.

      But let me tell you all are the same marbles layer by layer fat.

      One put into your mouth all also melt.

      So how to classified which is the best.

      This are all trade strategy.

      Talking about Kobe beef which I tasted before also the same.

      With sake and massages and music provided given to the cows they claimed make more tender.

       Are they not the same?

      So Bungo Oita. Kobe. Kumamoto red. Kagoshima black.

      My answer is the same.

      Is  only the restaurants

      Selling point.

      What beef they are selling to you

      And the price you need to pay for.

      Like us every piece is the same.


      Put into the mouth all melt.

      But yes Kyushu beef are not the same back that we are buying from back home.

      This I will agree their is the best.


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    • Over here at Hiroshima is a cold saturday night 9 degrees.

      Yes, we are having our Okonomiya Hiroshima style for tonight dinner.

      What special we happen to add some extra ingredient that we brought from the supermarket four packet of super big size oyster origin from Hiroshima.

      Will ask the chef to cook for us.

      He a very good cook

      Once we tell him that we wanted to cook and add into he he told no problem.

      He know we are tourists.

      Wow that oyster are really big the size length as long as a human index finger

      now I really agreed.

      I had took picture to prove.

      Really big.

    •  Good Morning.

      Hiroshima 9 degrees this sunny Sunday our final leg. Tomorrow will he Fukouka.

      This information given by the hotel staff how to go by train and ferry to Miyajima island.

      By JR train near our hotel.

      J,R Hiroshima Station.

      JR Miyajima-guchi pier.

      Than to this island Miyajima.

      Where the Itsukushima

      shine were.

      Japan attractions to visit is not easy.

      Transportation some time you park your car looking for car park the cost is expensive.

      Like the other day at Chou station. We parked the cost about thirty Sing dollar to Amu Plaza dinner.

      Coming here.

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    • Teppanyaki last night dinner at Hiroshima.

      Another chance to taste the last time beef from Hiroshima before leaving to Fukouka.

      To catch our flight back to Singapore tomorrow morning.

      We will be leaving at two from Hiroshima.



    • Tonight another last chance to taste Hakata ramen before leaving back to Singapore.

      The end of our three week holiday over here.

      Than life will go as per normal.

      Hot Hot day over in Singapore.

      No more cold cold Spring less than 20 degrees.

       The cycle will start again  back home saving ever day ten sing dollar until enough to go for our next trip  I don't know when.

      But sure again in Japan.

      Could be next year or another year.


      There is a plan.

        Could be next year or the following year.

      Should be Central Japan.

      Kanto region.


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    • Just back from dinner now inside my hotel room near Hakata train station.

      At Toyoko inn.

      Wanted to know where we go for our dinner.

      Just happened to found this restaurant called 

      Sakana Ichiba near Hakata Train Station.

      After rounding at Hakata City mall.

      Just opposite the shopping centre.

      Cross the over head bridge at one builing at the basement.

      Good food must share.

      Four person only one person sing 30 on food.

      Sochu and beer excluded.

      Total not even more than fifty per person.

      I tell you sashimi.

      Not even one  restaurant can touch them at our place.

      A portion. Of three varieties only 1000yen where to find. Freshness

      The quality once put in to the mouth just bite it wow cruncy  fresh sea catch wild and exercise one's. Not those  from fish farm type.

      You try than you know

      talk cannot really explain.

      So if you want to know go and try if you are at Fukuoka Hakata,

      Two thosand yen got more variety. 

      We order those one thousand yen those three type of fish kind two plate all total.

      Why ?

      Sure must be a reason

      Stay Tuned if you love Japan Kyushu.



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    • From this kind of food over at Hakata train staion.

      the picture above.

      From Spring those 8. 9.10 11.12.13 degrees.

      Now back to Summer time aove 33 degrees just within 6 hour flying back from Fukuoka to Changi airport.

      Just cannot take sudden change of the temperature.

      No more japanese speaking enviroment, all those welcome calls at restaurant, Supermarket, Shopping centre you name it everywhere.


      Bo Pian today will be going as per normal, and still going on over here in Singapore.


      Those three weeks really enjoy the weather the foods and not to mentionthe freshness like their sashimi, sabu sabu, okonomiyaki, soba, yakitori,yakisoba and many others.


      so just waiting the time again for next trip.


      Tell you there are many Taiwanese, Mainland chinese, Thai national, from Hong Kong

      but no Singaporean tourist here at Kagoshima that i had seen.


      No probelm i will try to show more of this the beautiful of Kyushu that they can offer you.

      stay tuned


      this is not going to End.




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