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    • Official Opening aat Big Box inside hyper.Mart at level one.


      Go check.

      Good buy Fuji Apples available from Amori originated from this prefecture real Fuji Apple.

      Or you can buy tomatoes from Kumamoto 3 for six dollars.

      Than you see what is tomato from Japan

      why they are not the same like here those imported from various countries.

      6 dollars for three.   Try and see and the taste.

       ate this during my trip from Kumamoto at the pension where we stayed.

      Is the same sweet juicy crunchy.

      No harm going to Big Box now they here  permanent stay put here so go buy lah.

      Good opportunity.




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    • Yes you are right.

      did you know this?



      Eating Raw Horse Meat


      I don’t know whether or not other countries have the custom of eating horse meat, but yesterday a friend and I went to a specialist horse meat restaurant to eat sashimi and steak (the meat coming from a horse, of course).

      It was our first time to visit this specialist horse-meat restaurant. Everything seemed fresh and I was pleased that were no off-putting or unpleasant odors coming from the kitchen. Biting into the horse meat, it was very juicy, and didn’t have any particular smell.

      The dish above is called Baniku Yukke (馬肉ユッケ). It’s raw horse meat, served with a raw egg, sesame seeds (ゴマ) and diced green onion (ネギ) which you mix together before eating. I think perhaps this combination might not go down well with many people from the West.

      The taste is a soy sauce base, and has quite a sweet and sour feel to it (although this is made milder by the egg).

      Still, you can find Baniku Yukke in quite a few places (yakinuki restaurants, for example) so there’s no real need to come to a horse-meat specialist for this dish.

      Next up is the steak though. This is real specialist stuff.

      Actually, we also ate horse sashimi (no image for this), but the most delicious dish, without question, was the horse steak.

      In particular, taking bites out of the chuck plate (チャックプレート) and rump (ランプ) was an exciting eating experience.

      Compared to traditional beef steak, there is hardly any fat/gristle on the horse version, and it was surprisingly tender. For us two ladies, it was easy enough to handle.

      Anyway, I realized today how nice horse meat can be. And, I hear it has about ⅓ of the calories of beef, so it could be a good option for my next night 
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    • Over here in Japan anywhere,

      like the above will you dare to try those  that are Raw.


      Just dip with  some soy sauce and maybe wasabi just throw into your mouth and just chewed.

      oishi right.

      This is the kind of foods we are heading to our journey 2016 Kyushu trip.

    • Upon reaching Fukuoka from Singapore

      late night flight, after we cleared from the custom, you may arrived at the ground floor, this is will be  the information board you may see.

      All in English not to worry. you may not get lost from here.

      if you want to go Hakata Train Station you may do so,

      Trasportation are all available here.

    • Than you will see this take a picture of this below, and Line or whatapp your friend or you love ones. like what we did.

      That you had safety arrived at Fukuoka airport, the picture below.

      Our journey 2016 begin from here.


    •  photo Kagoshima 2016 004_zpsbxrxkbni.jpg

    • First thing to remember before  leaving Changi Airport.

      What you must do.

      Never say Kin never tell.

      Sing and Tell  the cheapest roaming package daily basis,  for one day data and call  the operator will recommend you 25 dollar for only one day.

      The next day you want again you can log in and buy again 

      Swicth off your data mode on your handphone.

      Over in Japan roaming is very expensive.

      Local Telcos make money their contractors over there also  make money.

      endup you pay more.

      Japan telcos.

      Softbank or Docomo.

       so what you need to do ?




      Overseas Wifi Router Rental Promotion starting from $5 a day


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    • Kyushu is the third largest island of Japan located in the most south westerly area of its four main islands. Kyushu consists of seven regions, Fukuoka, Oita, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima. Each region has its own unique character and offers exceptional unspoilt tourist sites all with an extra warm welcome.

      Kyushu RailwaysKyushu is famous for its charming hot spring towns, its high quality local cuisine at affordable price and its natural beauty. The scenic railway journey itself is an attraction for the many visitors of this magnificent island.

      If you are tired of big world famous cities and looking for an even richer Japanese experience, welcome to Kyushu, the island which is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, numerous hot springs, and where well-kept treasures await you.


      Kyushu Guide

    • For this 2016 Kyushu expedition the main attraction is  Kagoshima..





      Kagoshima Guide

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    • Kagoshima Prefecture

      Kagoshima is located at the south end of Kyushu. The Kagoshima region is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations blessed with many tourist attractions such as the registered world natural heritage Yakushima Island, the active volcano Sakurajima, a scenic railway journey by the river and the coast and an abundance of hot springs. It also boasts of an impressive array of food and drink. You can find ‘Kuro buta’ (black pork) dishes throughout the region, Sweet potatoes (Satsuma imo) are another local specialty, as they are also consumed and used to make Shochu liquor. Kagoshima features many shochu breweries, and it’s very popular outside the region as well.

      From Hakata (Fukuoka) to Kagoshima Chuo is only 1hour 20mins away by Mizuho Shinkansen.

      Main cities and towns: Ibusuki, Kirishima, Yakushima, Chiran, Amami, Yoron

    • Things to do in Kagoshima

      Sengan-en Garden

      Sengan-enSengan-en Garden also known as Iso-teien, was built in 1658 as the villa of the Shimadzu family. It is one of the most famous gardens in Japan, known for its ‘borrowed scenery’, where Sakurajima and Kinko Bay are nicely incorporated into the garden landscape

      • Visitor Information
      • Access: 35mins by city view bus from JR Kagoshima-chuo station, 15mins from Sakurajima ferry terminal by city view bus
      • Opening Hours: 08:30am – 05:30pm
      • Fees: 1000yen



      Sakurajima is one of the greatest active volcanos in the world, 1117m tall and 50km in diameter. It has become a symbol of Kagoshima. It is a mere 15-minute ferry ride from the Kagoshima Ferry terminal.


      Ibusuki is located in the southernmost tip of Japan. It’s about an hour’s journey from Kagoshima and can be travelled to by the sightseeing train ‘Ibusuki no Tamatebako’ from JR Kagoshima-chuo which is highly recommended. The only natural steam sand baths in the whole of Japan can be found here. The sand bath is considered to be effective in relieving a number of ailments such as neuralgia, rheumatism, asthma, gastrointestinal troubles and it can be especially beneficial for women.

      Sand BathHow to take a sand bath?

      1. Change into a Yukata (cotton robe) in the changing room 

      2. Take you towel and heading to the beach 

      3. Lie down on a space you will be allocated and the staff will bury you in the sand with their shovels 

      4. Relax in hot steam sand for 10-15mins 

      5. Get out of the sand and wash away the sand 

      6. Soak in the Onsen!



      The old samurai residences and gardens Preserved 
      samurai district with traditional Japanese houses and gardens built in the later part of the Edo Period (around 1760) that are steeped in the atmosphere of the age.

      Chiran Tokko Heiwa Kaikan (Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilot) 
      This museum was founded to preserve the true facts at the World War II on record and to contribute for eternal peace on earth exhibiting the photographs, letters articles and mementos of the 1036 Kamikaze pilots based in Chiran who participated in the Battle for Okinawa towards the end of the Pacific War.


      Kirishima is an active volcanic mountain range that lies on the border between Miyazaki and the Kagoshima regions.

      It was the first place in Japan to be designated as a national park in 1934. The sacred Takachiho Peak is famous for the myth related to the founding of Japan. It consists of 23 volcanic peaks studded with craters, lakes, hot springs and plateaus. The scenery in Kirishima is attractive all year round with seasonal flowers and the mountains offer the perfect backdrop for walking, hiking and trekking.

      Kirishima is also one of the best hot spring towns in Japan. There are many Ryokan with hot springs in this area and you can enjoy many kinds of hot springs while embracing the richness of nature of every season. It is highly recommend trying the open air baths along the Amori-gawa River.




      Yakushima is a subtropical island covered by dense forest off the south east coast of Kyushu next to Tanegashima. The huge cedar forest contains some of the oldest trees in Japan, known as ‘Yakusugi ’(cedar trees living for more than a 1,000 years!). The oldest among them is Jomonsugi, believed to be around 7,000 years old. It is said Yakushima is the model location of Hayao Miyazaki’s animation movie “Princess Mononoke” and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

      • SakurajimaSakurajima
      • Ibusuki - Sand BathIbusuki - Sand Bath
      • Ibusuki - Sand BathIbusuki - Sand Bath
      • YakushimaYakushima
      • YakushimaYakushima
      • YakushimaYakushima
      • YakushimaYakushima
        • SakurajimaSakurajima
        • Ibusuki - Sand BathIbusuki - Sand Bath
        • Ibusuki - Sand BathIbusuki - Sand Bath
        • YakushimaYakushima
        • YakushimaYakushima
        • YakushimaYakushima
        • YakushimaYakushima

      • Kagoshima
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    • You may wanted to know Kin Japan a litre of Diesel cost how much?

      You may wanted to know a litre of Petrol cost how much?

      Not like those con-artists prices those gimmick discount given from the various petrol station here.

      Only we consumers suffer, buy or dont buy up to you.

      I, took this picture at petrol kiosk do it all by yourself.

    • So how much you wanted to purchase?

      Just do it all yourself.

      No ones from the cashier side will harass you uncle buy confectionery,

      uncle buy birdnest, uncle buy mooncakes,  uncle this one got discount can deduct your points from the card accumulated that you have.


    • Petrol and Diesel.

      Prices are here on this board.


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