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      Yakiniku · Shabu-shabu Matsuzaka chief

      Black pig · Kuroge Wagyu Beef's Beef · Shabu-shabu · Nabe · Sukiyaki Specialty Store

      Yakiniku · Shabu-shabu Matsuzaka chiefUsing the finest class Kuroge Wagyu beef, black pig, Satsuma yakachi from Kagoshima prefecture, Yakiniku, Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki are very popular. In addition, "best grilled beef nigiri" and "chicken nail" are also recommended. 
      In addition, we have a large selection of Kagoshima potato shochu such as Mori Iyo, Maouishi, Isami together with meals. Inside the shop, you can relax slowly with digging in all the private rooms.

      (Chef Chen Cheoni Shunji)

      【Black pig / Kuroge Wagyu beef】 Matsuzaka recommendation menu

      The best grilled meat course of the finest Japanese black beef

      5,250 yen ~ 7,350 yen Matsuzaka Recommended course of Kuroge Wagyu beef taste meat course.

      Sukiyaki course of Kuroge Wagyu beef

      3,300 yen ~ 7,350 yen Matsusaka Recommended course of Kuroge Wagyu beech whiskers.

      Black pig shabu-shabu course

      3,150 yen ~ 4,200 yen Matsuzaka Recommended course of black pig shabu-shabu.

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    • Talking Ichijyo Saku Saku Nakamura Yuichiro's "Chicken sashimi"

        Mr. Yuichiro Nakamura, the general chef

        Izakaya opened in 2005 along the so-called "Ichijo-dori" near Kagoshima Central Station. In addition to the taste of old-fashioned local cuisine in Kagoshima such as Izakaya menu, "Homemade potato", "Tonkotsu", and "Kibinago dish", the dishes using Kagoshima's "black" line up. We talked to Mr. Yuichiro Nakamura, the general chef. 
        "Kagoshima Black pig", "Kagoshima black cattle", and "Kurotsujima chicken" to become Kagoshima's new "black" We are the first designated stores from Kagoshima Prefecture, Satsuma chicken "is provided." 
        "Black Satsuma hen" was born in Heisei era 2006, and it is a chicken of Kagoshima prefecture where full-scale shipment began in Heisei 23. Paternal is "Satsuma chicken", Maternally in Kagoshima is "Yoshiki" called Yoka Spot Plymouth Rock. Both are local varieties of native species. 
        "Of course as well as varieties and breeds, it is important what we feed and what kind of way we are raising.We are pursuing genuine things against all materials.So," Black Satsuma Chicken " We also do production by ourselves. "

        "Black Satsuma chicken" used in shops is kept at own farm in Aira city, Kagoshima prefecture. 
        "It is important not to give stress as much as possible, it is the same as humans (laugh) As floor making (soil creation), we mix soil with sugar and yogurt.Because chicken piles the soil, The intestines are activated with lactic acid bacteria and eat well.The poultry house also makes it well ventilated during the day and it is not cold at night.In the poultry house it always sheds a radio.The human's In order to get used to the voice by getting used to the voice, the water which dug out the ground inside the farm ground contained hot spring ingredients.The chicks are drinking hot spring water and taking a shower I'm raising it for 150 days, considering the daily climate and temperature.This is my own brand "Black King" of "Black Swallow Chicken."

        "Black King" reaches the shop after being dismantled. "Male will be about 5 kg in size.It is a feeling that peacock was made smaller, simply speaking, I am asking the dismantlers, but as the neck and legs are long, the standard is different from that of regular chickens It's pretty tough. "

        I made sashimi of "Black King" carefully raised. Rather than breaking a complete life, in Kagoshima it is a cooking method to cut only the general skin. 
        "We use peach meat and sushi meat for sashimi."

        Peach meat (left) and meat meat (right) of "Black Satsuma chicken"

        "It is well-known in Kagoshima to cut just the skin and cut it is" chicken sashimi "."

        Broil the skin only with a burner

        "It seems to be grooming on both sides in the Osumi district, because there is no grease there are chickens that only burn but not grease, but" black king "comes out firmly. Especially females are like fats and oils splashing around and after slicing, slice to cut the fiber. "

        Slice thoroughly peach meat and pork cutlet meat

        Onion slices and leaves, peach meat and leek meat are put on, and grated ginger and grated garlic are added. Sauce is sweet soy sauce that is preferred in Kagoshima. I feel a soft texture and a deep umami even when there is elasticity when carried to the mouth. 
        "There is a tightness but because the fiber is fine, it is soft and grease is also nice." I think that subtle taste will be understood if it is sashimi.The chickens with few breeding days seem to be elementary school lower grades in human beings "Black King" is about a high school student, the female begins to grow muscularly, the individuality stands out when it goes beyond that, so the chicken we serve is male The flesh is somewhat hard, the female meat is somewhat soft, the female is somewhat thicker and the male is made to cut slightly thinly.Male is meaty, female is peach meat recommended. When I put out, I will tell you that "today is male chicken" or "I am a female chicken today", but I'd like to say "That's what it is" ~ (laugh). If you deliver something of good quality, we will offer you "Sand sting" as a recommendation of the day, although it is delicious and you can feel the difference in delicate taste.The sashimi is meeky meat and peach meat, It is.

        In addition to sashimi, the taste of "Satsuma chicken" can be enjoyed with charcoal grilling, bamboo sushi using peach meat, snacks and scallop, soft chicken using Sasami, and so on. Also, a thick soup is taken from the neck, which is used for chicken rice.

        It is said that there are many customers from outside the prefecture because it is near Kagoshima Central Station. Do you eat sashimi? 
        "People outside the prefecture can not eat sashimi from the beginning, it seems that you can order sashimi after you feel the taste by eating charcoal grill first," Chicken sashimi is such a delicious like this I often get the impression that "The sashimi of chicken" is the food culture of Kagoshima prefecture.The predecessors think that they preferred eating chicken However, the type of chickens to eat after the war has changed significantly.What said, "Do you want to know the new to warm you up?" In the meantime, you want to tell the Kagoshima local chicken culture to many people I also want to respect the food culture and feelings of the predecessors, "chicken with black tatami chicken" which has a taste similar to original chicken. "

        In the shop, producers of "Black Satsuma Chicken" gathered and sometimes hold tasting sessions and study sessions. Mr. Nakamura keeps the food culture of Kagoshima as well as delicious food for visitors.

        This chef's commitment "taste keyword"


        For sashimi, we use minna meat and peach meat of our own brand "Black King" of "Black Satsuma Chicken".Sesame can also be eaten at handful sushi

        How to make

        Broil the skin only and slice it. Slightly hard male chicken meat thinly, somewhat soft female chicken meat thickly cut

        Sauce and condiments

        Sauce is a sweet sauce that is preferred in Kagoshima. As gingerbread, grated ginger and grated garlic are added

      • Talking Chicken dish Miyama Honpo Kirishima store Tomomi Takami's "Chicken sashimi"

          Manager manager Tomomi Higuchi

          "Chicken dish Miyama Honpo Kirishima shop" is in a quiet place surrounded by nature in the mountains of Kirishima city. Currently we have 4 stores in Kagoshima City and Kokubu City, but its history started in 1990, here Kirishima.Manager manager Tomomi Higaki is a local Kirishima originator. 
          "In this field I used to keep chickens anywhere in the past, and I was eating chicken often, such as when someone's birthday or something celebrating, etc. I made sashimi, baked, cooked dishes And ... I also had been eating since I was a little.I thought that I was "poor at that time" by looking at the place of closing the chicken, but after all I was eating because it is delicious (laugh). Sashimi sauce And the sauce at the time of baking was different for each house in this neighborhood, there was no house with the same taste, although there was also a house only sweet soy sauce, but my grandmother had made sashimi and baked sagger sauce I also wanted to leave that taste, my mother started shop because I wanted to tell. " The secret sauce is now made by Mr. Tanabe Arima 's mother.

          First of all, we made "braised beat" of "Satsuma chicken" which is a brand chicken. "Satsuma chicken" is a local chicken which takes over 50% of the blood of "Satsuma chicken" which is also a natural treasure.

          Peach meat (left) and meat (right) of "Satsumama chicken"

          And when speaking of sashimi of chicken in Kagoshima, in general it refers to what is called "tataki", which roasts and cuts the surface. 
          "We will cut lightly both sides of peach meat and sushi meat of" Satsumama chicken "and cut it."

          Broil and cut both sides of peach meat and sushi meat

          "Baking brings grease and the juicyness increases, please enjoy ginger and ginger with grated taste."

          Complete "Serving Satsumama Chicken Broiled" with a dish on the plate

          "I will serve as" a meatball ", but the dish that many people call" chicken sashimi "in Kagoshima may be near here, and my grandmother also grinded the surface lightly and cut it I was cooking, I remember that the dishes had baked parts, as if there were living body as a whole. "

          Eat it with secret sauce. A sauce of golden secret, which combines sweetness and sourness, brings out the taste of chicken. 
          "" Satsumama chicken "has less fat and is healthy.It is soft because it is fine because muscle fibers are fine but it is meat quality like chicken like moderate.The meat paste using brand local chicken" Black Satsuma chicken " Although there is elasticity, this is a characteristic of soft texture. "

          Next, I made sashimi "Three colors" using Miyama sesame sauce, peach meat, and meat meat.

          Miyama special selection chicken (from the left) sandpaper, peach meat, sunny meat

          This is almost like a raw state, you can taste the texture and umami of chicken different from the meat paste. 
          "A fresh chicken piece is delivered by each part.The peach meat is small in area, the meat meat is very soft, so it is a way to spread the chicken umami a little wider.The thickness is not too thin and too thick I am trying to draw out the texture of each ... I would like you to enjoy the crunchy sandstone of sandpaper, the mellow softness of the flesh meat, moderate chewiness and softness of peach meat. "

          Completed with a garlic cloved grated in a dish on the dish.

          Cut each to a good thickness and serve

          Red sandpaper, thick pink of peach meat, pink thin of flesh, "just three colors".The secret sauce also goes well well here. "Chicken meat currently being used for sashimi is soft, but it also has a cheeky feel, it is close to the old flavor.I think that it is a nostalgic taste for elderly people, you can not taste the original umami of chicken There are also people who eat sashimi for the first time at home, but many people are surprised by the texture and sweetness.The kids seem to like sandpaper. "

          In addition to usual sashimi, when you get a good condition, you can eat sashimi of liver. Especially yellow liver has a strong sweetness, it is a rich taste called "mountain sea urchins" (inquiries). In addition, you can choose salty taste or grilled sauce taste, "Grilled frizzy", you can eat sand dust, skin, pine, peach, cartilage, liver baked after soaking in special sauce sagure. 
          "Three color prosperity", "burning together" and finally "chicken rice" are many people. "

          Mr. Tanuki Mutsu that he likes not only making but also eating raw fish. Finally, I taught that shochu is well suited for sashimi. 
          "I also eat sashimi while drinking shochu." The sweetness of chicken meets the sweetness of distilled spirit well.It is also true that my grandfather is drinking shochu while eating chicken sashimi It is strong (lol) There are many people enjoying it with potato shochu at our shop.In drinking way, there seems to be more hot water splitting around here. "

          This chef's commitment "taste keyword"


          Mune meat and peach meat of "Satsumama chicken" which is fine and soft in muscle fiber but also enjoying moderate chewing. Some using "Black Satsuma chicken"

          How to make

          Grind lightly both sides of peach meat and sea meat and cut it. When saying "sashimi of chicken" in Kagoshima, it often points to the dish which cuts after grilling

          Sauce and condiments

          The golden special sauce has sweetness and sourness, and it enhances the flavor of chicken meat.Tataki is garlic and ginger, garlic is added as savory to sashimi such as three colors

        • Talking Yakiniku & Shabu Shabu Matsuzaka Yokoyama's diamond "chicken sashimi"

            Shopkeeper Yokoyama's child

            Downtown area / Tenmonkan (central area) in the center of Kagoshima city where many eating and drinking establishments are lined up. "Matsuzaka" has been known since the founding of the year 1969 (Showa 44) as a specialty shop of yakiniku, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu using Kuroge Wagyu-Kuro pig from carefully selected Kagoshima prefecture. In addition, it is engraved history as the first shop that offers chicken "Satsuma Young Shao" that was born in 1971 (Showa 46).

            Currently, "Satsuma younger sam" can be eaten with dishes such as sashimi, tataki and warm gravy.

            Momo meat (left) and Mune meat (right) of "Satsuma young cha". Mack meat as a beat, peach meat for "burning"

            I was talking to the shopkeeper Yokoyama Yoriko. 
            "" Satsuma Young Saga "was developed to encourage a lot of people to enjoy at Kagoshima 's solar body, which was held in 1972. The paternal of' Satsuma younger sam 'is' Satsuma chicken' It is said that it was made by breeding army birds and small countries (one type of shochu and cockfight) in the early Edo period about 300 years ago from now, chickens kept widely in southern Kyushu centering on Kagoshima prefecture "Satsuma chicken" was originally kept as a chicken for bird chicken but it was known that its appearance is beautiful and meat quality is very good.The "Satsuma chicken" is paternally "Prismatic rock It is "Satsuma young lady" born by mating the mother with "a native American chicken developed as an egg meat combination" It is very tasty. "

            In the kitchen, I showed how to make sashimi and knock on chef president Shunji Ninoto.

            ● Sashimi 
            "Sashimi used for sashimi is basically Sasami, I will remove the streaks from the sake made of sake, water and salt together (Tamakazu) and cut off."

            Sasami of "Satsuma Young Sarah" is passed through Tamasu, strips are removed, then cut and packed

            "As for sashimi" Chicken breaking "using raw scallops, I cut my body thicker than sashimi." An onion slice and large leaves are placed on top of it, and a fresh scallop is placed and ginger and grated ginger are added. Eat it with sweet sauce.

            ● Tataki 
            "Tataki first grinds the skin of Mune meat, flip it inside and cut it after both sides are broiled."

            Broil the skin of the meat, flip it over and cook both sides

            "It's a rare feeling inside."

            Completion of the beating by cutting the meat which was grilled on both sides

            "By the way, in Kagoshima it is not a perfect living, but what we generally call a beating is often called a chicken sashimi." It is placed on the onion slice and the large leaves, and onion and onion are served. Together with the accompanied ponzu sauce to eat.

            Sashimi's Sasami is soft and mellow like sweet soy sauce. Tataki has moderate elasticity in softness. Both are rich in flavor. 
            "I think that you can enjoy fresh food everyday and I think that you can enjoy the goodness of meat quality as it is.The meat is tight and the taste is rich.The" Satsuma Young Shoumon "we use at Satsuma Kawachi shi It has been released in bamboo forest and has been kept for more than 80 days, from which the deep taste with roundness and tight fleshy quality is born.The peach meat is "Hot Goka" Please!

            In Kagoshima it is called "peach" of peach. Grill chunky peach meat moderately and eat it with salt or powdered tea salt. Sashimi, you can enjoy juicy texture different from beating.

            "I was eating chicken often at my grandfather 's house when I was small, I was watching closing chickens ... I was eating ... (laugh) I like to eat sashimi, rice crackers, chikuzaki boiled The past meat was a little hard, but now it is easier to eat than at that time.I think that the best taste of chicken is "chicken sashimi". Now I think that there are few people who tighten the chicken home and eat it, but the one in Kagoshima likes chicken.It is healthy oriented, the one who eats chicken with men is increasing more than before in stores Maybe because the sashimi and the beating are very suitable for shochu (lol), but older people often drink hot water together with sashimi and drink.

            Near half a century after setting up a store in Tenmonkan. The customer seems to have gradually increased by word of mouth. "I've always cherished the connection between people and people who always keep in mind the hospitality from a safe and secure heart.It is pleasing that only the nice people who come are those who are coming. I would like to be a shop that would make me happy when it was delicious. " There are many repeaters, many customers visit with parents and children in their three generations. Yokoyama's thought has reached many people.

            This chef's commitment "taste keyword"


            I used the local chicken "Satsuma younger sper" that was born in 1971.We are ordering chickens released in bamboo groves in Satsumagawauchi city

            How to make

            After slicing Sasami for Japanese beer, sashimi sliced ​​away streaks.(Tataki cooks both sides of the meat and slices it)

            Sauce and condiments

            Sashimi's sauce is sweet soy sauce.Ginger is added as condiment. (Tataki with Momiji grated is eaten with ponzu)

          • Ichijyo Sake SakiIzakaya with three "Kuros" in Kagoshima

            Izakaya opened in 2005 along the so-called "Ichijo-dori" near Kagoshima Central Station. The menu will be "Kagoshima black pig", "Kagoshima black cattle", and Kagoshima's new "black" in addition to the taste of old-tasting local cuisines such as "Izakaya", "Tonkotsudo", "Tonkotsu" and " Cooking using local chicken 'black sesame chicken' line up. I want to taste the texture and umami of "Black Satsuma hen" with "chicken sashimi".

            "Chicken nigiri sushi" that you can taste three kinds of peach meat, sushi meat and Sasami 1,080 yen (tax included)

            Map data © 2017 Google, ZENRIN

            Ichijyo Sake (sakebush)

            Street address Kagoshima-shi Chuo-cho, Kagoshima prefecture 1-10 phone 099-214-5885 Sales 17: 00 ~ OS 23: 00 
            (Friday, Saturday, holiday previous day ~ OS 24: 00) A vacation None seat 36 seats + 7 private rooms card Yes Parking Lot None URL Http://wako-21.jp/sake/
          • Chicken dishes Miyama Honpo Kirishima branchChicken cooking with stab of secret saggers and grilled sage

            "My mother started shop, wanting to tell you that I want to leave that taste, with grandmother's stinging sagarake and baked sagger dish," says Tomomi Kigei manager. Sashimi is a golden color with sweetness and sourness. "Satsuma chicken" and "Black Satsuma chicken" are cooked up, "Three colors" using sandpaper, peach meat, and meat of Miyama special chicken is added, further enhancing the flavor of chicken. ※ There are 4 stores in Kagoshima prefecture (see HP)

            Special salt was sprinkled. "Stir-fried with salted taste" 2,380 yen (tax included). From the left, sand drift, skin, pine, peach, cartilage, kimo. Miyama's own secret sauce pickled in a sagure and baked "Assorted baked dishes and sauce" 2,380 yen (tax included) also delicious

            Map data © 2017 ZENRIN

            Chicken dishes Miyama Honpo Kirishima branch

            Street address Kagoshima prefecture Kirishima-shi Kirishima Taguchi 1611-10 phone 0995-57-0201 Sales 11: 30 ~ 21: 00 It 
            will end as soon as it runs out, so if you visit after 17:00, please confirm with phone A vacation Thursday seat 50 seats card No Parking Lot There URL Http://miyamahonpo.com/miyama
          • Yakiniku & Shabu Shabu Matsuzaka"Satsuma younger sandy" with a history of 45 years

            Founded in 1969, it is known as the famous shop of yakiniku, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu using Kuroge Wagyu beef and black pig produced in Kagoshima prefecture. It is also the first shop that offered the local chicken "Satsuma young shabu" that was born in 1971, including "Sashimi" and "Chicken" using Sasami, "Tataki" using Meat Meat, "Baked Peach" Baked "line up in the menu. I want to enjoy good tightness of meat and rich flavor.

            "Satsuma young sashimi" 840 yen (tax included)

            Map data © 2017 Google, ZENRIN

            Yakiniku & Shabu Shabu Matsuzaka (Matsaka)

            Street address Kagoshima ken Kagoshima-shi 9-3 Chiba-cho Tenmonkan K Building 2F phone 099-225-2929 Sales 12: 00 ~ OS14: 00/17: 00 ~ OS 23: 00 (Sundays and holidays OS 22: 00) A vacation Tuesday afternoon (open throughout the year throughout the year) seat 78 seats card Yes Parking Lot None URL Http://www.matsusaka-group.com
          • This are not thoae Sin Ming Jungle fowls curb by AVA.

            This are special breed for Satsuma Free Range Fowls.


            The Satsumadori Chicken or Kagoshima Game is a Large Pit-Game Long-Tail

            BREED NAME: Satsumadori

            BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Satsumadori Chicken or Kagoshima Game is a large pit-game long-tail. The rooster’s spurs are heavy and he’s ready to fight, something bred into him for many centuries, though not a common activity today.

            He maintains aggressive tendencies, but with consistent and gentle care can be quite tame. His tail is fanned and moderately long.

            Traditionally saddle feathers are moderate, too, though not abundant as in many long-tails, though modern colored varieties are fuller and longer feathered. He looks the part of a stout but elegant game-fowl, a force to be reckoned with. Hens are about 2/3s the height of roosters and of heavy body.

            Satsumadori Chicken, The Facts:

            Class: Heavy-set and light-weight

            Size: Standard Male: to 7.7 Ibs. / Standard Female: to 5.5 Ibs.

            Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Red comb, wattles, earlobes, brows and face.

            Color: White is the standard, though black breasted silvers and reds, black tailed red ginger, and blacks have been developed for exhibition by crossing other long-tail breeds.

            Place of Origin: Japan

            Conservation Status: no specifics but popular in Germany and Japan with other European flocks

            Special Qualities: Pure white, black breasted silvers and reds, and black Satsumadori are colors seen in most recent times; white being traditional and other colors developed for exhibition purposes. Some that know the breed feel that color development has reduced some of the most desirable characteristics of the breed.

            The pure white was prized for fighting cocks, hard as it might be to appreciate, for the dramatic effect of red blood on white feathers in the pit.

            A modern visitor to Japan relayed witnessing a mock fight between two Satsumadori as part of a day-long festival. Their spurs were carefully wrapped to prevent a serious fight.

            The rooster’s face is red with rounded brows framing his large silver, gold or red brown eyes and a triple or walnut comb with moderate lobes and wattles.

          • What about this?

            Sashimi for you,Special Satsuma Chicken Sashimi try before.

            We are talking Free Range, something similar to our Kampong Chicken.

            but tell you their is many difference once you put into your mouth.

            The taste and texture are not the same.

            Chicken sashimi

            Free-range chickens from Satsuma (a region of Kagoshima) are known as one of the top three tastiest chickens in Japan. Raised in an all-natural environment, they are simply amazing. Shy about eating raw chicken? Don’t be. Not this kind.


            Chicken sashimi


            Other regions in Japan also eat chicken as sashimi, but this stuff is different. It’s bold and yet sweet. Dip it into shoyu flavored with garlic, add a few scallions. You won’t be sorry.

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