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《联合晚报》TD Try to Siam the Flood Hot Spot 德士司机闪8积水黑区

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    • 抛锚亏很大 德士司机闪8积水黑区







      1~乌节路段:克雷摩路(Claymore Road)交界处、史各士路(Scotts Road)交界处
      Junction of Claymore Road and Scotts Road

      2~麦波申一带:甘榜安拨(Kampong Ampat)
      Junction of MacPherson Road and Kampong Ampat Road

      3~淡滨尼一带:淡滨尼12道(Tampines Ave 12),靠近高速公路入口处
      Junction of Tampines Ave 12 and TPE Entre

      4~万礼路段:兀兰路(Woodlands Road)交界处
      Junction of Mandai Road and Woodlands Road

      5~汤申路上段:与惹兰克利(Jalan Keli)交界处
      Junction of Upp Thomson Road and Jalan Keli

      6~东陵路段:与兵营路(Camp Road)交界处
      Junction of Tanglin Road and Camp Road 

      7~中峇鲁路(Tiong Bahru Road)

      8~武吉知马路:与金文泰路(Clementi Road)交界处
      Junction of Bukit Timah Road and Clementi Road 


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    • Good info .....

      heng my coconut tree not affected by the rain , only many toads hiding under the coconut tree recently and ate all those termites ..... i thought toad are vegetarians ?


    • Thank god i have got Lake View !!!

      Members very active when come to rain , traffic jams lah , pick n go lah , lastly very important live update on floods .

      Thanks members .

    • Yesterday ct2220 sms me a list of Hot Zones for Camera ..... today he posted about floods ....

      drive taxis can be very stressful .

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    • wow drive taxi must see flood app , lta app , gps app , weather app , traffic.police camera app . . . . then i be keying my keyboard everytime i hit a red light .stressful 

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    • Like that optimal ...the meter start is 350 plus peak charges at 50 bucks wakakakaka

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    • How come they never mentioned Sixth Ave area ? 6th Ave another stretch once rain will be flooded one .

    • I understand that Syed Alwi Road also easily flooded one once rain .

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