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Things u need to do ( Accident ) .

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    • Accident ???

      Me Super Lao Jiao Liao, one year 3 x $2140.

      Write Story, Aiyo 西北麻烦啦!

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    • When ever involved in a accident. Before determine who is right or wrong

      First. Take photo of the accident of your vehicle and the other party vehicle of the position

      Take from few angle and also take close view of both vehicle damage.

      Then you determine the position and see if the case is more favourable to you or to other


      Also note the number of pax of the other party. (This is to prevent the other party to make false claim)

      Should the damage is minor for both party and you think it was a clear case of your fault

      Try to negotiated for an outside settlement instead of allowing the other party claim which

      Result you paying high excess

      If you have pay on board, take down pax detail like name and contact number

      If you are not sure what to do, contact your taxi company and seek advise

      If there is injuries, call for police and ambulance and do not move your vehicle until the

      Police come.

    • For accident reporting, please refer to your company procedure

      Take note some taxi company like premier their excess for own damage or 50 50 case

      Is the same. No such things pay half the amount excess.

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    • Talk about taking Photo, One of the VEY important point is:

      Your Cab and the Others Car / Cars position in-related with the white lines.

      (Example : If the other party cut into your lane and his tire is on the white line, that proof that it cut into your lane etc)

      Yor cab and other Party Cars position in-related to the Traffic Junction Crossing LInes or Yellow Box or Turning dotted line. 

      This will proof that both party travel orientation etc。

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    • if can n possible,

      take a VIDEO RECORDING of the whole accident scene also….........

      a video can definitely show more details n evidence if the other party is at fault…........

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    • right, now dvr cam is so cheap now adays

      recently my kaki had a hit and run case. lucky he had just install few weeks before the

      accident and manage to get hold of some details of the other party car and save him

      from paying excess as he need to make repair to the taxi

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    • And please hor, those very minor accident, please shift all the vehicles to the left hor...........

      Behind already jam like nobody business, still slowly taking pictures...........

      Damn TL and pek chek 1 leh..........

      Got once, this ah lau hit slightly behind my taxi at PIE, so I tell him move to the side, than settle, "cannot move, must take photo first", limpek hot, "take cb photo you want or not? Take LJ la, move your farking vehicle la"..........

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