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    • some old threads and sticky threads has been removed to make way for a new look . 

      For 2013 / 2014 , some were there too long . 

      More or less the same . 

    • What was taken down ?

      Singapore Heritage Street's and Old road name taken out .

      How to use taximeter also took down , being too long there , i dun see anyone to have difficulties in using them anymore .

      If anyone need to know more about taximeter , can call on PalRingo group for help .

    • Airport info also taken down .

      Now has got iChangi App , this info not useful anymore .

    • personal blog will stay .....

      Khoon's blog , kinwashi's thread , AhTan's blog remains .

      Some youtube video remains .

      Some was locked .

      Staying will be local news on taxis .


    • members who had just put up a post on finding a relief or trying to find a hirer , u may have to do it again in the new thread .

      Old one have to go ..... this is for 2013/2014 .

      After that , we shall create another one for 2014/2015 and so on .



    • newbies trying to ask and find info for specific taxi company , pls go to that specific thread and try asking .

      do not open another new thread to ask .

      it will poo ! Disappeared once i come back

      Unless u trying to ask Prime and Silvercab , which is not there , u want to drive Silver and Prime taxis ?


      Edited by Poolman 07 May `13, 5:19AM
    • new look cabby forum are not for you to stay there and see and read for hours .

      10-15 minutes , u have to go .

      Go drive taxis .


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