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[News] T5 coming up !!!

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    • Singapore's fifth airport terminal will be ready in the next decade, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew on Tuesday at a dinner recognising Changi Airport's airline partners


      SINGAPORE: Singapore's fifth airport terminal will be ready in the next decade, with details on it expected at the end of the year.


      Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew announced this on Tuesday at a dinner recognising Changi Airport's airline partners, saying more information on the air hub's long-term masterplan will also be revealed then.


      He urged Changi Airport to respond to "fundamental shifts" in the global aviation landscape to cement its status as a leading air hub.

      Future plans for Singapore's airport are steadily taking flight, with a Changi 2036 Steering Committee masterminding the air hub's development.

      Key to continued success is the ability to turnaround arrivals and departures quickly.

      Having more flights but just two runways has not handicapped Changi Airport's ability to perform. In 2012, aircraft movements increased by nearly eight per cent.

      Delays in departing flights were 40 per cent lower as of March this year compared to the previous year.

      Plans are underway to convert Changi's third runway from military use to one which can be utilised by the airport.

      This is expected to boost the air hub's turnaround capabilities at existing terminals.

      Addition of a fifth terminal, or T5, will also bring the airport's passenger handling capacity beyond the annual 85 million expected with four terminals.

      Senior vice president of market development for Changi Airport, Lim Ching Kiat, said: "When T5 is up, it will also be a three-runway system.


      "So both, in terms of our runway capacity, as well as our terminal capacity... will be enhanced. But (as for) specific details, we're still studying various options."


      Mr Lui said: "For Singapore aviation to continue to grow and thrive, all stakeholders must also work together and plan ahead together.


      "To benefit from our air hub's potential, infrastructure planning and development is key. The strong growth in recent years makes it imperative for us to enhance Changi Airport's capacity."

      The next development is to boost capacity at Terminal 4, slated to be completed in 2017.

      It will be equipped to handle the needs of low-cost carriers and short-haul flights of full-service airlines.

      - CNA/al

    • For those who plan to drive taxis further , huat lah !!!



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    • Like this, I better change to Limo..

    • Originally posted by hammerhammer8888:

      How many terminal also no use. Must have quality pax. Tio bo? 

      Aiya, by that time, dunno where are we liao,..some get terminated, some get terminal ..touch wood..ill liao..lols

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    • Too many TD queue at airports to the extend that disrupt the traffic, hope its help to ease the airport warriors.

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    • T5 is for K5 up type of taxis. FYI< T5 will be on business and first class, not those budget or ah neh, ah pinoy and ah vietcong plane hor

      Edited by bowah 08 May `13, 9:43AM
    • As singaporean aged with lesser young ones taking over TD trades in near future, the likelihood of altering the rules of Singaporean only in TD. And the first people to be eligible are the PRs, for this, like it or not, we must face it unless my service is rendered to ferry you before it start.


    • As the frog said, more terminals do not imply more people coming in or going out, it only imply a more spacious and better seregated gates for individual airlines, that will quicken our admin issue like luggage clearances, check in and immigration Q.

      And more importantly, it will give singapore a push in maintaining and attaining as the nos 1 airport in the world and with that, a higher airport tax.

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    • Very few of us here by time T5 come in.

      In fact if you still need to drive then, I question what you do with all your earnings.

      Don't know what the plan for T5, but T4 td will huat since it's not connected by skytrain to the other terminals.

      The way they do things now T4 will sure delay, don't think likely will be ready 2017.

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