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Let's move on guys

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      Talk here talk there behaving like kid which me,as a young 31yo young man see liao also shake head.

      Happy,stay on and TCSS.....not happy move on or dun log in.

      Eyes/ears belong to you,fingers/mouth belongs to others.you can decide what to see/hear.

      We are all adults.some ppl here can even be my father(age) yet behaving like a kid.

      So what if you prove you good? Win?shiok?happy?

      Some ppl posting I dun even wanna to read,just skip.

      Ultimately we are all having the same job.life is hard,why make it harder.

      Make love not war!!!

      *ps-I hate grammar nazi,pls dun come and tell me this that,as long as understandable=you understand.


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