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survey on employment opportunity for the middle age

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    • Hello! I am new here and hope everyone can help mii smile.png I am working on a research study for my FYP and i need 500 people T.T

      Please help by doing the survey via the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/...

      Pls share it to ur friends and family especially >40 years old! (Actually the older the better :D)

      If you have any surveys or need help that is within my means, i will do my part too!

      Thank you very much! Really appreciate it :)


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    • Hi guys, 

      I understand the issue with surveys :), so I have filled out all questionnaires I have found in this page :).

      I need help as well for my survey. More than 1,000 participants from Asia region should be introduced in the study and your help and contribution is more than welcome.

      Of course, this for scholar puruposes only. Survey is totaly anonymus. 

      Please help me, I will revert a favor :). 

      Survey is placed at the following link: 


      Thank you very much for understanding, endless help and valuable contribution! :)

      All the best!

      Vesna :)

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    • Done the survey!

      Am doing a research on video viewing habits in Singapore, would be really grateful if you guys could help with this short survey! $20 of Capitaland vouchers up for grabs!

      Thank you!


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    • Did all of your surveys. Please help with mine: https://goo.gl/forms/QED0zyAlwMkgmi0j2




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    • Can you guys help me with mine? Thank you very much in advance! My survey is on electric scooters in Singapore. 




      EDIT: Thank you very much for those who have entered their responses! We are still accepting responses, especially if you're an e-scooter rider!

      Edited by Lockheed2000 23 Jul `17, 10:16AM
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