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Replace voting system?

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    • There are many inherent flaws within our current system of electing politicians into parliament.

      instead of having parties fielding individual candidates to compete in each constituency, why not have a system which we vote directly for the party, instead of the representatives of the party?

      I realised that that is precisely what many singaporeans are doing anyway, voting for the party's brand, rather than the candidates the party offers. i.e. PAP can field an uneducated sweeper, while the oppo can send a highly qualified candidate with a doctorate. Voters will still end up rooting for PAP, not because of the candidate's ability, but rather, because of PAP's absolute power over their carrot and stick policy of dealing with opposition wards.

      I suggest, that there should be 100 seats, and every party will get a seat for every 1% of votes they received. This would be a much fairer system, where the voices of pro-oppo singaporeans will also be represented. Currently, 33% of singaporeans are under-represented by the 2 oppo MPs, while the other 67% aree over-represented by 82 PAP MPs.

      Share your views.

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    • Its an awesome idea! Unfortunately, no govt in this universe would put something like that into play.

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    • It is already done many countries such as New Zealand and Germany. This is called proportional representation.

      Singapore as a small country should have no problems implementing this. No point having constituencies unless you want different laws in each constituency.

      Your 66.6% -> 82/84 seats is something called the wasted vote. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasted_vote

      You need 50% to win. Anything above 50% is wasted. Every time you re-draw the line, a few opposition area's wasted vote increases and the wasted vote in many PAP areas decreases.

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