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Suggestion for the next election

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    • This year, TR went down due to high traffic overload.

      If four years already, TR still exist, I hope they can actually add in more server during the election period. For me, I visit TR almost everyday, so it kinda feels a little bit missing when I can't access TR.

      *last time sgF gone down, I also experience cold turkey* icon_neutral.gif



      Get two or thre more JBJ Server! icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif


      TOC is still holding up strong, for now.





      *What I see now, and what I predict for the next few election*

      I realise that in this general election, more writers are using bloggers to post their views and thought on the election. I notice there are significant usage of Facebook and Youtube in the current election campaign. These are what we didn't see in the last 10 years. Time is changing!

      I think that in the next two or three election, internet marketing campaign will be a deciding factor in winning the election. Obama had use it before, and he'll be using it again. So... yar~ Good website gives user the feeling of trust and comfortable. So in the next election, it's crucial that the party has sufficient hosting capability and excellent web developer.



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