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LHL calls for political unity

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    • Calls for political unity, cites Chiam See Tong as an example

      PM Lee calls for political unity, cites Chiam See Tong as an example

      Chiam See Tong from Singapore People's Party shaking a teary supporter's hand at Potong Pasir on Sunday 8 May 2011. TODAY file photo

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      PUBLISHED: 11:07 PM, NOVEMBER 27, 2015
      UPDATED: 11:19 PM, NOVEMBER 27, 2015

      SINGAPORE — Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (Nov 27) called for Singapore to be united politically, with an Opposition that “will understand Singapore’s fundamental interests in the world” and not seek to undermine the Republic’s interests “either to court foreign support or to gain political points”.

      In his speech during the annual S Rajaratnam lecture, Mr Lee named opposition veteran Chiam See Tong, 80, as an example of an opposition politician who protected Singapore’s domestic interests and policies when he travelled overseas, either as a national delegation or as a parliamentary delegate.

      “He (stands) up for Singapore and closes ranks, and that is really the norm that should prevail in the political scene in Singapore,” said Mr Lee.

      Mr Chiam, who is Singapore People’s Party Secretary-General, was Potong Pasir’s Member of Parliament for 27 years until 2011, when he left to lead a team to contest in the Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representation Constituency during the General Election and lost.

      Mr Lee said having political unity does not mean no political opposition. It means that citizens vote in open elections for who they wish to run the Government, said Mr Lee. “It means that after elections, we come together, especially when dealing with other countries.”



    • Please, if Mr Chiam's party wins he will not quote Mr Chiam.   Why didn't he quote WP ? 

      He doesn't stop rattling about opps.  In Australia earlier this month, he complained to Aussie PM about opps and sinkies having self entitlement mentality. 

      He is so obsessed about opps shows how zero confidence he has.   He complains and complain , point fingers ,  but never take a look at himself in the mirror.  May be he has no mirror.   Complain old qua.  


    • He sibeh loser.  Loser mentality.

    • Pic from edmw


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