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Election Strategy

Talk about election strategy, discuss, debate, but try your best not to flame....
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Lock Vivian : Whether PAP stays in power depends on talent pool Clivebenss 18 2,753 29 Aug `10, 1:37PM by Clivebenss view
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Lock How do you feel when your ward is a walkover Rooney9 7 1,853 11 Jun `10, 4:29PM by Rock^Star view
Lock PAP and Opposition strategies for the coming GE Rooney9 23 3,170 11 Jun `10, 5:37AM by SANTA CLAUSE view
Lock Mah believes he can do “best” for Sg,blasts opposition’s GE last Fantagf 51 4,878 10 Jun `10, 12:07PM by Rooney9 view
Lock Will I be able to cast a vote in the upcoming election? caleb_chiang 23 2,645 08 Jun `10, 9:40PM by charlize view
Lock Our Opposition Parties are too weak to mount a Challenge Rooney9 20 2,462 07 Jun `10, 4:58PM by Rock^Star view
Lock Where is the renewal of fresh blood after Chiam & Low? Rooney9 5 1,762 06 Jun `10, 10:15PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Next Election we sacrifice 8 2,511 06 Jun `10, 8:48PM by charlize view
Lock Reform Party and SDA to form alliance against PAP Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 2 1,988 17 May `10, 11:40PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Can the oppositions win more than 2 seats? last Chew Bakar 101 5,766 01 May `10, 12:04PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock George Yeo: Govt seeks to lead, connect last Chew Bakar 31 3,284 26 Apr `10, 12:00PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Infernal Affairs IV I-like-flings(m) 17 2,400 21 Apr `10, 7:33PM by I-like-flings(m) view
Lock SM Goh's "Lion vs Sheep" last Chew Bakar 71 6,542 21 Apr `10, 7:28PM by I-like-flings(m) view
Lock How many seats will PAP lose at next election? last Rooney9 39 5,736 20 Apr `10, 4:23PM by Moka view
Lock DiscussionWhat makes you vote for a particular candidate Samuel Lee 4 1,739 18 Apr `10, 6:52PM by I-like-flings(m) view
Lock Should Election Dept be independent? last Fantagf 33 3,798 18 Apr `10, 2:48AM by I-like-flings(m) view
Lock Is RP contesting in any GRC or single ward next election? Fantagf 19 2,592 17 Apr `10, 12:09AM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Election tactics to prevent a landslide like Msia's Rock^Star 16 2,083 16 Apr `10, 11:38AM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Who will the new citizens of Singapore vote for? quitter / loser roll back 15 4,532 15 Apr `10, 11:49PM by likeyou view
Lock Looking for Mod last I-like-flings(m) 122 6,368 15 Apr `10, 10:23PM by likeyou view
Lock What has LHL done since 2004 that improved life of people? last Fuck PAP & Lee Kuan Yew 45 4,297 15 Apr `10, 1:04PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Chiam should contest Tampines sir_peanuts 10 2,004 15 Apr `10, 12:51PM by Samuel Lee view
Lock Cooling-off Period. It's a sound policy. last Chew Bakar 26 3,949 20 Mar `10, 11:02PM by Gweechoonseng view
Lock Why opposition couldnt take dow Aljunied GRC in 2006? hoto 7 3,444 18 Mar `10, 1:42PM by iveco view
Lock BREAKING : GENERAL ELECTION DATE kengkia 0 1,806 16 Mar `10, 8:29PM by kengkia view
Lock Coming election is the most crucial one in singapore history last kengkia 65 6,368 06 Mar `10, 6:40PM by kengkia view