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Election Strategy

Talk about election strategy, discuss, debate, but try your best not to flame....
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Lock Uncle Yap appeals for support against Lee Kuan Yew in TP GRC Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 5 4,531 27 Apr `11, 8:00PM by sbst275 view
Lock Tanjong Pagar GRC likely to be contested last SevenEleven 55 9,481 27 Apr `11, 6:07PM by the Bear view
Lock Can MM Lee still swing the votes? SevenEleven 3 1,741 27 Apr `11, 10:58AM by Clivebenss view
Lock PM Lee: No by-election if PAP loses a GRC last SevenEleven 35 5,947 27 Apr `11, 10:14AM by Icerage view
Lock Mountbatten SMC likely to face 3-corner fight Clivebenss 20 3,555 27 Apr `11, 10:13AM by Clivebenss view
Lock Lui: Online comments classified mostly as 'gossip' sbst275 20 3,049 27 Apr `11, 9:33AM by likeyou view
Lock Countdown to Polling Day last Clivebenss 48 10,177 27 Apr `11, 9:20AM by likeyou view
Lock Seah is S'pore's 2nd most popular politician online Clivebenss 24 4,367 26 Apr `11, 10:16PM by smalldot view
Lock Suggestion for the next election Darkness_hacker99 0 1,133 26 Apr `11, 9:47PM by Darkness_hacker99 view
Lock Replace voting system? deathmaster 3 2,236 26 Apr `11, 8:09PM by alize view
Lock ... Clivebenss 2 1,466 26 Apr `11, 10:49AM by Clivebenss view
Lock SDA not contesting in Radin Mas & Sengkang West SevenEleven 3 2,236 26 Apr `11, 10:16AM by Almond Cookies view
Lock CNA: MM says S'pore not Disney world last sbst275 60 6,856 26 Apr `11, 1:11AM by sbst275 view
Lock GE: Reform Party former vice-chairman Alec Tok joins SDP Clivebenss 8 2,884 26 Apr `11, 1:10AM by tranquilice view
Lock Lim Swee Say warns Singaporeans last shanfan 70 8,478 26 Apr `11, 12:26AM by likeyou view
Lock Vote for Worker's Party - For People. For Nation. For Future Vote PAP OUT to Save SG 0 1,982 25 Apr `11, 9:50PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock MM Lee: Voters made the right choice in past elections last Clivebenss 26 4,334 25 Apr `11, 12:49PM by Junyang700 view
Lock Ng: S'poreans should be aware of possible freak result last Clivebenss 38 4,867 25 Apr `11, 10:24AM by dragg view
Lock Weakest member in SG election 2011. last CaiHongRainx 27 5,227 25 Apr `11, 8:59AM by Fatum view
Lock Voting is compulsory, voting is secret. jgho83 11 4,863 25 Apr `11, 4:05AM by SingaporeTyrannosaur view
Lock GE: Battle of words continue over Workers' Party slogan Clivebenss 11 3,237 24 Apr `11, 10:21PM by Vote PAP OUT to Save SG view
Lock WP rebuts Mah on housing polices, introduces candidates Clivebenss 0 1,755 24 Apr `11, 9:52PM by Clivebenss view
Lock Vote opposition and you may get a weaker govt: Ng Eng Hen last Clivebenss 79 5,936 24 Apr `11, 6:22PM by Elite Hitman view
Lock The Gen Y Candidate (MUST SEE) ahjenn 2 1,672 24 Apr `11, 5:30PM by tranquilice view
Lock PAP Janil Puthucheary: I did not do NS, those are the facts last Clivebenss 55 15,990 24 Apr `11, 3:13PM by Elite Hitman view
Lock Opposition ready to form Govt by next election: Chiam Clivebenss 2 1,584 24 Apr `11, 10:36AM by Darkness_hacker99 view
Lock PM Lee: No honeymoon for potential office holders? shanfan 2 1,830 24 Apr `11, 8:08AM by Elite Hitman view
Lock Netizens pls start to spread the msg n not jus talk here jgho83 0 1,597 24 Apr `11, 2:40AM by jgho83 view
Lock GE: SDP introduces all the 11 candidates Clivebenss 20 4,611 24 Apr `11, 2:01AM by mancha view
Lock ERP, cigg duties, COE, government coffers should be rich Rooney9 0 1,490 23 Apr `11, 6:57PM by Rooney9 view