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Getai's not getai without dialect

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    • Aug 3, 2011 - ST Forum

      I DISAGREE with the reasoning for limiting the use of dialect in the getai performances in Orchard Road ("Getai goes glam in Orchard Road"; Sunday).

      Tourists delight in experiencing authenticity, which is totally undermined by this artificial language restriction.

      I have savoured songs such as madrigals sung in the vernacular tongue in similar traditional, open-air festivals in major cities around the world without being put off in the slightest by the language barrier.

      I ask the authorities to withdraw the current ruling which is killing the soul of the getai, rendering it as "just another Mandarin song concert".

      Chen Junyi

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    • I agree... it shldn't be just without dialect... Singlish should be acceptable too...


      Singlish and dialect are all part of local flavours... And even our dialect is not 100% accurate anyway since we have already incorporate other dialect or language into them...

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    • It all depends on the target audience... Bad reviews on national image if foreigners jest our misuse of English... They won't get the humor even if someone explains it to them...

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    • Getai is local flavours... besides, u explain liaox then not funny le... It has to come from the heartland and not wayang...

      Try taking a very tragic chinese piece of news and use yahoo translator into english... Often the meaning the gets very distorted...

    • Another example...


      Imagine Wang Sha & Ye Feng speaking in perfect english... U think u will luff at them???

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    • There's a reason why the related agency wanted to do it in central shopping district. It'd not be there and restricted if they want the locals to have a good laugh at themselves...

      Like I said, spore need as much positive reviews as possible. Local reviews does carry enough weight....

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      好兄弟 might wanna hear kpop oso leh

      like hoot~

      lol...but 好兄弟 know kpop meh...btw, how come so random?

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