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Xenophobia. Can Architecture help?

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    • Hi all,

      i'm a fellow Singaporean studying in Melbourne for my master in architecture.

      I am interested in whether design of the residential master plan and housing model help ease or cope with xenophobic mentality (or the symptoms). The project would probably happen in a old housing estate such as toa payoh or bishan.

      The reason for studying our housing model is that in my personal opinion, the Housing model Singapore has was designed to target fundamental housing issues such as the amount of occupancy and lacked counter measures for residents to adapt socially to rapid globalisation and immigration problem. Possibly resulting in xenophobic mentality.

      I would like to hear the voices or suggestion of other local Singaporeans who think architecture can help the social fabric and in what ways would you suggest.

      Thank you very much for your input and it will go a long way in the research project.



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    • Yes, alize has a point there... although there are some ppl that spew hateful things, but most singaporean i believe are neutral..

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    • I understand Xenophobia is not a concreted situation in singapore yet but there is there no smoke without fire. While there is always two poles to the situation, i'm taking on the role that with the hyper globalisation, xenophobic mentality is slowly setting in.

      To rephrase the topic, perhaps its not to 'cure' the situation but to recognise the situation and provide an early counter measure through architecture or housing.

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    • Originally posted by TehJarVu:

      secondary school come here ask us do their homework, master's also come here ask us do their homework icon_lol.gif

      Yes, sgforums is populated by many PhDs with wide ranging skills and experience.


      All have to be reminded to take their medicine after breakfast, lunch and dinner. icon_lol.gif

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