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Satirical YouTube channel closed after action by pastor Kong

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    • Satirical YouTube channel closed after action by pastor Kong Hee

      by Sadat Osman
      inSing.com - 11 July 2012 5:25 PM | Updated 5:52 PM

      A local YouTube parody channel ‘DiarySG’, has officially been shut down as of 10 July. The channel started broadcasting two years ago.

      The channel specializes in making parody videos based on local happenings in Singapore, particularly those pertaining to the political scene and social issues.

      No one has been spared DiarySG’s brand of humour, everyone from Nicole Seah to Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and even president Tony Tan, has been given a go over by them.

      According to their Facebook page, the YouTube channel, with over 800 videos, was shut down because of alleged copyright infringement filed by Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church (CHC).

      DiarySG supposedly received a letter from CHC asking them to cease using the Church’s material.

      The day after the letter arrived, the channel officially shut down due to copyright infringement claims being filed with YouTube and its parent company Google.

      In a statement released to the public, Bobby Chaw, the pastor in charge of missions at CHC expressed disappointment with some of the media's coverage so far, particularly in relation to the COC inquiry.

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    • dont complain other people lah. tidy up your own arse first.

      own self not cleaning, want otehr people clean.

      babaric icon_lol.gif

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    • No one told Bobby Chaw that there is a difference between media coverage and ppl discussing/making fun/talking abt the incident??


      wah, like tat we talk on forum, later all receive letter of copyright infrigement from CHC...



      oh wait, why copyright infrigement???

      Dun tell me DiarySG poke fun at ChinaWine and CHC actually copyrights ChinaWine???

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