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    • halooo!!

      wow! that's a very broad topic..but i came across this article which is quite interesting 


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    • I believe Singapore will return to Malaysia.

      Maybe not now, but eventually.

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    • Originally posted by Jude.tan2810:

      i predict that tan chuan jin will be the new pm

      I feel that Mr Chan Chun Sing has higher chance of becoming our next prime minister, as compared to Mr Tan Chuan Jin.

    • Originally posted by AntzTalkz11:

      I see Singapore embracing more big data

      Would like to see larger mobile data.

      The size we have now is a joke.

      We pay so much, maximum around 4GB nia.

      Malaysia pay so little, easily more than 10GB.

      Hopefully the new telco from Australia can offer big data at low prices, comparable with other countries (e.g. Malaysia and Australia).

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    • Originally posted by clairellawong:

      more mrts

      MRT so costly. Just hope that public transport fares remain affordable and comparable with other countries.

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    • Originally posted by clairellawong:

      more mrts

      Waste money. 

      A small country like Singapore doesn’t need so many rail lines, which is expensive to build and maintain. 

      I rather use that money to invest technologies to distillate sea water to drinking water cheaply or use the money to support more of our elderly generation's medical costs.

      Cheap and abundant water is more important than MRT.

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    • I predict, or should I say more hope, that Singaporeans would be more polite, friendly and courteous to one another and foreigners (Ang-Mohs). I hope that what Singapore is advertised to the world to be, will be reality on the ground.

      Im ashamed as a human-being because of how rude and racist Singaporeans truly are. There is no harm in being courteous and friendly to people, but there is always harm and aggression when you are not. 

      We are all the same, irrespective of cultural differences and beliefs.

      I hope that Singaporeans also recognise that life in Singapore is not as bad as they make it out to be. Compare Singapore to other countries, and it is clear that ,even though every country has its problems, including Singapore, the real life daily threats are minimal if not non-existent in Singapore, and the opportunities for ALL are real and available.
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    • The other day I was getting on the MRT, and this guy deliberately pushes in front me more and more until he was in the doors before me. I coudlnt believe the cheek and audacity of this guy. And when I approach him to say "excuse me, that was rude" he continues to stare at his phone and ignore me. Later he leaves the train and gives me this cheeky smile as if to say "ha ha you idiot". 

      How can Singaporeans be like this! How can people be like this! Its disgusting and only entices frustration and anger in others. I could have easily acted differently and approacched him aggresively and dealt with him, but I chose not to. 

      The scary thing is that he has no idea who am I, what Im capable of, and yet he still chose to challenge me. That is foolish and it is this type of rude behaviour that will start riots and nonsense by others people eventually (as per the predictions above)

      Singapore, you better start being nice to people and get your heads out your phones, or I predict there will be an eruption and someone will lose their patience and react differently. Its human nature and a matter of time!

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    • With regards to the Pedra Branca dispute, I feel that the point is which country controls the island and the surrounding waters, after the British withdrew from the Straits of Johor in the 1970s.

      If Pedra Branca is within the water space and/or air space of Singapore, then Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore.

      If Pedra Branca is within the water space and/or air space of Malaysia, then Pedra Branca belongs to Malaysia.

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    • Similarly, Indonesia can also say that Singapore was originally part of their territory, as some ancient empire in the 3rd century. LOL.

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    • Many more buildings and trains.
      More expensive also smile.png


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