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    • More NSF deaths like Gavin...All sweep under the carpet by simpky saying bionix overturned and Gavin found beside. Real reasons of cockups, sop, fuckup officers etc never reported.

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    • Foreigners or Tourists that visited Singapore would ask themselves this question, “Why am I seeing so many old people. Where are all the young people?”

    • Ministry of Transportation/LTA plans to make commuters in Singapore to topup their ezylink cards by E Payments at the topup machines or ATMs will failed if they are too worried and too concerned about complains from the public. It will not work if they are hesitating. Either they scrap the whole E Payment plans or they go all the way to make their plans work. Just like when they ‘force’ the public to change their old TV to the new digital TV or like Singtel made 2G mobile phones obsolete Smile.

    • The bankruptcy and divorce rates amongst young Singaporeans will continue to rise simply because they have so much debts to pay. They have spend beyond their means to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

      One Malaysian worker told me this recently, “I know many Singaporeans are not happy and they stressful because they do not have enough money and they have so much debts to pay.”

      What can I say because the statement is a fact.

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    • This coming Diwali holiday in Singapore is going to be less crowded for about a week. Most of them are going back to their own countries/kampungs to celebrate with their love ones.

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    • All Singapore’s Ministers, MPs and Civil Servants are disallowed and banned in Casino’s gamblings, Horse Racing gamblings and 4 Digit gamblings to set a good example to Singapore society, to prevent corruptions and promotes good well being without any gambling activities in their lives Smile.

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    • There are so many MRT train delays and technical problems on the red and green lines (main line) because most of the MRT staff on these MRT main lines are elderly and old people. The train problems and Technical problems are caused by these old and elderly MRT train staff.

    • E Scooter will be banned in Singapore due to high increase of accidents that involves E Scooters.

    • Well, there is no longer off peak hours concession fares for senior and adult Singaporeans for MRT train rides. Only whole day fare is available.

      There will be an increase in concession cards cheating and abuse usage of the concession cards; and also for student and children passes.

      The adults will abuse using those passes by using senior concession cards or student cards or children cards Smile.

      The students will abuse using children cards Smile.

      There will be an increase of train rides fare jumpers too, especially amongst foreign workers Smile.

    • In the past, during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, going for Picnics, Camping, BBQ and Swimming at Changi Point Beach and East Coast Park Beach were very popular venues for outdoor activities.

      Now, with the presence of salt water crocodiles or crocodiles within Singapore sea or rivers, it is quite alarming and dangerous for the public.

      I recently spoke to a mother and she disallowed her children to swim in the sea because of the danger of salt water crocodiles presence. She said that the authority must do something about this danger and do not wait until someone get eaten up then they will do something about it.

      I have to agree with her. We did not have crocodiles in Singapore water in the past except at the crocodile farms in Singapore.

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