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Is Singapore really as expensive as we think it to be?

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    • I think it is expensive for lifestyle goods and services. Alcohol and wee bit finer dining is expensive. Rest I see is that there are cheaper options available.

      But then again, just my 2 cents from my 2 weeks here :)

      Any idea on how I can get my flat cleaned once a week? I dont want to get a full time maid.




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    • Originally posted by narkiz:

      So i know it's been a HUGE topic of discussion in here and anywhere else Singapore-related: The very High cost of living in Singapore. Heck, This little island has even been called one of the top five most expensive countries to live in!

      But we forget we've also been called the world's richest nation... NO, i am NOT a PAP supporter, but facts are facts.

      Here's what i think,after visiting the devastated europe and more Importantly, staying in SWITZERLAND for a month:

      Before you guys denounce Singapore as being 'unlivable', think this: an average meal for four at a SMALL takeout place in the tiny town Zermatt, Switzerland costs easily 80 Francs or 104 SGD.

      An average cup of coffee costs an upwards of 6 francs or 7.80 SGD.

      In Paris, the cost to rent a place costs an upwards of a few thousand euros/ square meter.

      A MACDONALDS quarter pounder meal with fries, no drink costs 11 francs or close to 15 SGD, so a meal for four costs easily 60 SGD in Switzerland.

      A small bottle of shampoo at Coops(switzerland's Fairprice, supposed to be the low end, affordable market) costs easily 10.50 SGD.

      A meal for one at an italian 'foodcourt' costs minimum 7 euros or 11 SGD if u order only a plate of, say, pasta and nothing else, a full set is easily 12 euros and up.

      Compare to what we have here and perhaps before we open our mouths to say Singapore is too expensive, perhaps you'd like to see how bad to europeans have it as well.

      Your views? Am i missing sth here?

      Scandinavian countries encourage cycling which is good for the environment as well as for health besides reducing transport and parking costs. Cost of living in some EU countries may be high but many of these EU citizens also enjoy comprehensive benefits ranging from childcare and education to hospitalisations totally @ tax payer's expense. Of course there are countries like spain/ Greece which have become bankrupt due to gahmen expenditure in the excess.


      Cost of living in Singapore is structurally increased due to foreign worker levies and the lackadaisical attitude of MOM towards blue collared safety @ work.

      Some foreigner work levies exceed $1000/ month and this acts as a covert GST since it adds to the ultimate cost of the service/ product be it provision of gardening/ security service, building construction, food delivery etc. On why Singaporeans do not wish to take up many blue collar jobs that foreigners currently do: as MOM/ Google to check out the number of injured workers unable to receive injury compensation because the employer cut corners by failing to subscribe to work injury insurance despite that being compulsory for all blue collared workers: this cutting of corners being much due to lack of enforcement for valid insurance cover when work permits are renewed/ spot checked. Insurers will contribute much to the safety of work places by virtue of the fact that any addition safety measures implemented or audited would mean savings on treatment or compensation and so a more profitable insurance business. The larger than necessary expense on totally preventable work injuries adds to the overall costs of the final product. As they say, Singaporeans pwn Singaporean: this is just one example of how the gahmen has pwn it's own citizens.

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    • Actually Singapore is way cheaper to live in than Europe.

      Only cars and houses are more expensive. Way more expensive.

      If you can get a decent house and good transport, way more cheaper than Europe.

      Example a 1.5km bus ride in Manchester UK, will cost you around 4GBP. Thats nearly $8. Food is another topic altogether

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    • i think Singapore has a good balance of affordable and luxurious places. from low cost hawker centres to 3 michelin starred restaurants. 

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    • Indeed Singapore is a costly place to live in, but also if you are innovative, you are actually in the front row seat in the world stage. grab that opportunity.

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    • Everything in Singapore is not cheap but still affordable. In Hong Kong, you have to spend at least half of your salary on housing.

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    • Originally posted by Saynn.com:

      Everything in Singapore is not cheap but still affordable. In Hong Kong, you have to spend at least half of your salary on housing.

      Where only half your salary? House price is 6-8 times their annual salary on housing...

      Or did you mean half the salary used to pay rental or housing loan installment? Then that is quite sad even though it is also sometimes the norm for Singapore too. And their houses really suck.

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    • I bought a plate of spagethi brotha because hulk hogan says must eat spagethi everyday brotha, it will make me strong brotha I bought one plate of spagethi from a store brotha, it cause S$10.00 brotha and the noodle and meats are too less brotha, two or three bites of it brotha and it end brotha so hogan cooks for me every meal brotha and it is far better than those so-call "professional" spagethi brotha he said five dollar brotha he can buy the ingredient and everything brotha

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    • Please fill out my survey to do with Marina Bay Sands! IT IS VERY URGENT



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    • Not really, I think compare to like Malaysia and Taiper is consider cheap as the living expenses is low

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