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Is Singapore really as expensive as we think it to be?

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    • I think it's only house and cars that are expensive in Singapore. Probably only cars if you get a HDB. I lived in the United States and a meal can cost on average $7 - $10 USD, and the housing is terribly expensive. Of course, I lived in the Bay Area, which is known for high property price. 

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    • The cost of living in Malaysia is a lot higher then Singapore.

      The above if you compare it by S$ to S$ and RM to RM.

      A lot of things in Singapore is cheaper than Malaysia except for housing and medical.

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    • Generally speaking food is still ok here if you are not the type to eat at restaurants and don't mind eating home cooked food. Other than that, things like housing, cars are really expensive.

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    • Prices are ok here if you want to lead a simple life, the problem is..what else is there to do in Singapore that is free? No mountains to hike to hills to climb. 

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