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Anyone feels that SG is too crowded?

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    • honestly what i hate the most is squeezing on public transport..... and having to queue for super long for a restaurant for dinner, if i have no reservations. but yea, still hate peak hour trains the most

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    • Over-crowding can lead to arguements and fights.

      In fact, i had someone (only very recently) whom tried to pick a fight with me on the train I wanted to create a new topic on these but found out that i need to have at least 8 posts to create a new topic.

      I am seeking advice and help, in any case.

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    • i think its only crowded during peak hour, sometimes going out on a non peak hour makes u enjoy ur day more and there will be more to come

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    • most I see is PR brotha, especially Indian nation brotha

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    • get used to it! though, couldn't imagine the future

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    • Singapore is a crowded place, but compared to some other Asian big cities, it's still pretty ok. Especially compared to Hong Kong.

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    • Needs to reclaim more land gradually eg. eastern coast and other areas to cater to population growth. Make more use of underground areas.

      Also needs to keep an eye on foreign intake and give more cash bonus and other forms of help to encourage locals to give birth more.

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    • Without foreigners, our SG economy may not necessarily collapse. Lots of foreigners may be hired to work but only a small percentage actually do their work well. A large majority of them do not contribute work-wise. Instead, they are a liability coz they mess work up and leave locals to clean up for them.........

      Hence, foreigners may fill positions but they contribute little in terms of productivity/ economically.

      Without foreigners, there will be more jobs for locals. This might increase locals' happiness quotient. Happy workers are more productive!

      At the end of the day, SG will probably benefit lots more without foreigners in SG's workforce.

      Foreigners in SG as only tourists are welcome...........in any other capacity, FUCK OFF! 









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