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Parent heart-broken to see video of maid kicking his 2-year

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    • A father was heart broken after he caught his maid kicking his two-year-old daughter in the head.

      The video uploaded on Facebook by Christopher Sun, shows two-year-old Mikayla lying on her back before being being made to sit up straight by the domestic worker.

      The maid then kicks Mikayla as she turns her back away from the domestic worker, causing her to fall on her face.

      The two-year-old is then left on the floor and the maid does not seem to be doing nothing to help the little girl.

      Gary saw footage of the abuse and alerted Stomp to it.

      Mikyala's distraught father was clearly shocked by the abuse and wrote this on his Facebook page:

      "My daughter is merely 2 yrs old, how can a maid do such things to her? Happily having her dinner, unknowingly out of nowhere a sudden kick from her had landed my Mikayla's head hit hard on the floor.

      "That impact is totally undescribable from me.

      "I was totally heart broken when I saw my maid doing that to my daughter.

      "Personally I wont even lay a hand on my princess, until someone else actually did it. It just broke my heart too much."

      See full article and video here


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    • yeah, i also read the news that a maid pull a baby to the ground, what a cruel woman!

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    • Children are such sweet beings. How could one do such thing. They could melt the hardest of hearts

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