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    • Originally posted by zulkifli mahmood:

      1. How many young Singaporeans like to work shift work?

      2. How many young Singaporeans want to start their career early and work below up until they become the supervisors, foremen, managers, directors/presidents in their career path?

      1. Be it young or old, few like shift work.

      2. Generally a fair number are ready to start from the bottom if they believe there's a career path ahead.

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    • 50 50 ..Depend on their character and personality

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    • my opinion, i think nowadays, people will not demand about work. nowadays, everything is expensive. not as before. so people will "have to" work even they have to shifted to another country just for keep survive and have a better life

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    • Shift work and bottom-up doesn't mean he has to work hard. You can work a 12 hour shift and sleep 6 hours.

      The problem with singaporeans now (especially the guys) become too dependent and are not motivated. They can work as operations but see their friends work as sales and driving euro cars, they soon become demotivated and thought it is not important to work hard in their post. 

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    • Hmm..I guess that depends on individual. whether the shift hours will clash with their curricular/personal/other activities. another factor would probably be interest and motivation lvl. As long as you like the job scope, and can adjust to the hours, why not? Gain more experience, have more options in the future. I feel that people that start from the bottom, when they reach a higher level, they are of better advantage bcuz they worked their way up, experienced and gained insights along the way. Hence, it's important to start planning early...

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    • Hi,

      I'm 19 this year. I feel that how hardworking young people are depends a lot on their upbringing and personal motivation. Most of the Singaporean I know are motivated enough to dedicate their time and effort toward their goals. Personally, I love to work hard as long as I know that it is for a purpose. About the shift work, it is not ideal to me or anyone I know, but if it is the hand the we have been dealt with in life, then we would put our best in it. Not everyone have to start at entry level, though. Me and my friends have painstakingly built our connection since we're very young, and that connection would eventually help us to enter from a higher position, given that we prove ourselves.


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    • I saw the article and thought it will be good to share..

      Accenture strategy global research shows 82% of business leaders expect their organisations to be digital businesses in the next 3 years. And, if they are to realise the benefits they anticipate from being digital, the readiness of their workforce must be a priority. 





      what do you guys think?? let's discuss! 

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    • I'm 23 this year , running my own start ups .

      Now it's not about working hard it's about working smart.

      Shift work is not a problem, it's about prospects and the stability of our future.

      Pilots work shift, doctors work shift. These are jobs that are able to offer people good prospects and future. Perhaps some people do it because they have a passion for it.

      We are living in a technological age, many jobs will eventually be phased out. We have to ride on the growing trends in order for us to fulfill our potential. 

      Personally, hardships are something that I can endure, I can't say the same thing about the rest of the people that is my age. Growth and experience are things that I am looking for, that is something that shift work can never offer. Not that I am undermining the hard work of the many individuals who are doing shift work, it is just not what we are looking for. My dad works shift, I understand the pain that he has to go through, its not something he wants to do but he has to do it to put food on the table

      We are still young and passionate about life and have yet to fall into the trap of wanting to lead an easy life. We fight for our dreams , hoping that eventually, we will be able to materialize the life that we yearn for. Not like the soul-less zombies who drags themselves to work every single day and waiting for Friday to come. 

      Life has no meaning in itself, it is us who give meaning to life


      Just my two cents worth.


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    • More and more millennials are not looking for high paying jobs where they slog their life out. They are more daring to pursue their passion

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