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You are My Singapore (Greetings From Turkey)

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    • My Singaporean Brothers and Sisters,

      I am Gokhan. Long time ago I signed up for this website. I only found this online system which looks really nice and active. (I think since 2013 I am member of Sgforums)

      In 2012, just for travelling I visited Singapore. But that one week was enough for me to still feel Singaporean even in 2016, although I am Turkish! That's really strange, but nothing can change feelings. When I saw people, their attitudes, their relationships with themselves, their kindness I really impressed, and the best one is I felt that I can trust them. Also I realized, in general Singaporeans are part of the solution, not problem.

      For sure we can count on Singaporean family life also. Not too strict and conservative, not too independent; it's between two of them. Really nice!

      After my trip in there, I did a lot of things. I went to the USA for a two years. I got a work experience and also improved my English skills. Then went back to my home country and done about my military obligation. And nowadays I reached 26 years old.

      During this stage of my life, one thing that I really couldn't forget. Singaporean people, Singaporean NDP songs (1998 is my favourite, I think Kit Chan singing), Singapore Airlines and all anothers. Which means; I couldn't forget this country and Singapore is my favourite place! I really respect you what you did it during all of your history since 1965.

      If you would like to agree me as a friend, I can share my contact details with you. You are always welcome. Sooner or later, all world will realize that we are all human being. That's the point!

      By the way, to be honest with you, if I can find an opportunity, I would like to work in Singapore. Before I searched in some websites which are JobsDB, Jobstreet and something like these. But I got no offer. Can you tell me the way that how can I find a job and stay in there?

      Thank you in advance. Keep in touch!

    • By the way, I have no idea is this prohibited or not, but I would like to share my contact detail. You can contact with me on Skype. My Skype is gokturco

      Best Regards

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    • Thank you for the compliments! I recently visited IStanbul, Turkey and my goodness I fell in love with the place. I have wanted to visit it ever since I watched a movie called "Mission Istanbul". The archictecture is beautiful and breathtaking. I love the Geleta Tower and Taksim square baskers! The mosques are beautiful especially Sultanahmet mosque and also the Hagia Sophia. I went to Cengelkoy too! Now I miss it so much!

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