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Why work so hard???

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    • Having balance life is really important otherwise we all will live in stressful and depressed

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    • I definitely agree with @Jeff3.miller123:)

      Having a balance lifewill make your life worth living.

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    • I feel that the competitiveness allows us to be mentally stronger than our counterparts in other countries. Yes, work-life balance is important. It is difficult to change what the work-life balance we currently have, however, we can plan ahead and work for our future. We have to understand what we want for our future, then work towards it. Then, we get the balance we want. 

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    • In this small little dot country, i agree that have to work for more income because the tremendous hike increasing rate on utilities and other cost of living. 

      It was hard to survive for spending to fork out huge debt towards our lives too. 

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    • Working hard isn't the problem. It's whose dreams your hard work fulfill that is the issue

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    • Originally posted by Ken Tong Hui:

      6 hour work or 4 days week would be great !!! sunglasses.png

      your country will go down the drain and your woemn will be exported as maids and men as construction workers

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    • Originally posted by TehJarVu:

      your country will go down the drain and your woemn will be exported as maids and men as construction workers


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    • If you are not born a billionaire you have to work hard.   In uniquely Singapore, you work hard not just for your family, yourself but also work hard TO FEED THE HIGHEST PAID SO CALLED GOVERNMENT WITH THE  MOST EXPENSIVE PAY.    Good for nothing. 

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    • Please fill out my survey to do with Marina Bay Sands! IT IS VERY URGENT.



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    • It's not about working hard, it's about working smart!

      You can work hard, but you'll find out at some point in your life, it's a just a few decisions and certain moments in your life that made the difference.

      Take a step back, slow down, and evaluate where you stand, and if the direction you're heading is the right one!

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    • Life has its purpose and you got to know what your purpose is. Don't work yourself too hard when you don't really have to.

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      Working contribute tax. All work is work.

      You know why differnet sex was given equal right  ? So half the population instead of staying at home looking after our next generations "proper" now have to be out working.


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