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Why work so hard???

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    • You'll never be happy working long days for an ungrateful employer. You time is very important. Evveryone agrees!!


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    • Must realize that it is mostly the wealthy who have the time to ask if work is important. To the rest, there's no question at all.

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    • We can say different way that we work so hard. In early age we should need do more work and earn more money to save our future. but maintain the bealnce between personal life. If you work hard day and night then, you can't spend valuable time with your family and life going to be hard. Do work so hard but maintain a balance between them. 

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    • However I guess the only way to survive is to work and work... but otherwise it is also a good place to relax.

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    • Hope this made sense, my experience .....

      1. Must plan how much you need to retire?

      2. Save and let your money continue working for you. I take savings and invest in UTs ... made good returns.

      3. I got into comatosed state 4 yrs ago ... 2 years coma. Spent 6 months rehabilitating myself ... no need to pay - I sued doctor who paid for everything and extra. I went to Australia, China & Thailand for holidays in 2017. Now, retired liaw ... planning holidays with like minded retirees every year (about 15 pax).

      4. Found what I planned in savings .... just right.

      That's all.


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    • I agreed to you. Hard work is important bout nowadays smart work is also equally important. Top of that we should have time for ourself and our loved ones too.

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