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Noisy Functions at HDB

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    • I live at a HDB block whereby it is located just beside an open space. This space is usually allowed to be used for so called citizens activities organized by RCs and whatever association. Each time when there is such activity, which happen to have one tonight itself that prompted me to write here, the noise level from these functions are so loud that even after shutting my front door closed, all my windows closed, my room door closed and I am wearing a headphone to watch TV in my room, i can still hear the noise. These functions happen rather often such as every ethnic celebration, hungry ghost, PAP functions, and tonight's is the moon cake festival and every year is the same.

      I totally blame the organizers for these event s as they have totally no regards to the residents who are not attending the function and just trying to spend a quiet evening at home. They allow the sound level to blast as loud as possible, probably hoping to attract more attention to advertise their function.

      I recognized the good intention of these functions which is to foster better ties among the community but the way it is being done has also caused irritation to others. this goes to show how inconsiderate these organizers are in only interested in putting on a loud show. To them, loud means successful. No proper planning and in depth thoughts at all on the what potential negative effects when organizing such events. They just dont f***king care. F**k up people.


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    • OMG. Those [email protected]#$%f......rs are at it again tonight. Talk to MP? Call police? Guess who the Guest of Honour is at these events? Its no use. What we can do is just whine and grine in such forums just to vent out our frustrations. We know such gov encouraged activities will always be fully backed. Nothing we can do and just suffer.

      Today is a thursday night. I really pity the students who have to study tonight under these kind of condition and still need to wake up early tmrw morning to go to school. What a shame. Singapore is supposed to be a civilized nation and these things still happen.

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    • many people work night shift: nurse, factory worker, airport crew, etc


      gov should limit the noise from amplifier under certain dB for any events in hdb area, eg wedding, funeral, etc

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    • most HDB blocks are noisy brotha, worst is if upstair your neighbor has got kids brotha and what is more is if they are indian brotha, then you are unlucky brotha, they are immune to HDB complaints as well brotha #Fact #Facethefact the only thing I could do brotha is wished I could whip that little monkey above my apartment brotha with my solid steel belt that hulk hogan gave it to me brotha otherwise no other legal ways to deal with them already brotha

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    • Please complete my short survey about Marina Bay Sands! IT IS VERY URGENT



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    • if u have the might , u r always right

      if u dont have the might , so lan lan lor even u r right

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