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Should ?dangerous NTU (robotics) professor be detained?

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    • Is dangerous (distinguished) NTU robotics professor out on the loose?

      Nanyang Technological University (NTU) professor Er Meng Joo, 55 was given 18 months' mandatory treatment order on Monday (May 22) for multiple counts of shoplifting.
      A mandatory treatment order is for offenders who suffer from psychiatric conditions. They must go for psychiatric treatment in lieu of jail time.
      On April 20, he pleaded guilty to two counts of shoplifting items worth $225.15.
      Five other shoplifting charges involving items worth $228.20 were taken into consideration during sentencing.
      He admitted that he repeatedly stole from convenience stores at the petrol stations he frequented.
      Er, who is a professor in electrical and electronic engineering, shoplifted items worth $453.35 between Jan 9 and 29 last year.

      The guys CV it seems involves programming robots. I wonder, if a highly qualified gahmen robot programmer cannot control his own base desires, then what would stop him from expanding his repertoire of mischief and programme his robots to deliberately harm humans/society; especially in a world of driverless cars and internet connected devices? Is shoplifting just the tip of the iceberg, have any malicious codes been inserted into any national computers, SAF drone weapons or LKY's cardiac defibrillator?

      Impressive CV:
      Professor Er Meng Joo's areas of expertise are intelligent control theory and applications, fuzzy logic and neural networks and robotics and automation. His current works focus on control theory and applications, fuzzy logic and neural networks, computational intelligence, cognitive systems, robotics and automation, sensor networks and biomedical engineering.http://research.ntu.edu.sg/expertise/academicprofile/pages/StaffProfile.aspx?ST_EMAILID=EMJER

      Why isn't kleptomania categorised as an addiction like that to gambling, heroin, amphetamines and the like?

      Why must heroin addicts face long DRC sentences whilst educated and rich people are confered the enviable VIP diagnosis of 'kleptomania' which in recent similarly diagnosed case of Goh Lee Yin, involved job placement at a Mt Elizabeth clinic, chaffeured rides from home to work etc, only to end up with a review and subsequently revoked diagnosis resulting in a sucessful conviction upon 3rd offence as well as a possible 7yr detention sentence for a 4th for which the new mother (has 1+yr old baby daughter) jumped from her apartment block one day before the pre-trial conference was to be held. http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/serial-shoplifter-who-had-depression-found-dead 

      Just as heroin addicts love heroin ignoring its later detrimental effects on self and society, don't these distinguished kleptomaniacs too have a fettish for which the consequence is either inapparent or else overlooked in favour of the adrenaline rush for its experience, be it heroin or else stealing somebody's things or even the misery caused to society?

      Even if both fine and jail were waived (with ultimately disasterously tragic results for Goh Lee Yin when her diagnosis was subsequently revised) I'm worried that rich, powerful and dangerous persons are now enjoying the same privilege with widely divergent outcomes handed out by the court. A robotics professor with depraved morals is no less dangerous than an impoverished heroin addict craving for the next straw.

      Singapore is an international expert in drug rehabilitation. And if recent wannacry ransome ware international botnet virus attack is any precursor , I think professors with credentials like "works focus on control theory and applications, fuzzy logic and neural networks, computational intelligence, cognitive systems, robotics and automation, sensor networks and biomedical engineering" should be the first ones in line to receive proper rehabilitative treatment mirrored no less than after the DRC (e.g. Cold turkey treatments group therapy mirrored after alcoholics annonymous experience). The onset of Armageddon is near when social inequality is rampant and the judicial judgements jaundiced and biased. Money shouldn't buy a diagnosis and the judiciary should not fear the rich and their army of psychiatrist.

    • [quote]From: rodliao (sgbuster) (3+1 kopitiam)


      Did he steal his thesis from his students as well ? Was he the underwear thief in the NTU hostel ?[/quote]


      U r barking up the wrong tree. He need not steal others thesis if the topic (robotics, intelligent control theory ) interest him.


      Being an underwear thief could perhaps be the next step if the petrol kiosk supermarket cameras hadn't spotted him.


      What I am more worried about is if his elite, bespoke diagnosis: fashioned by legions if psychiatrist hypnotized by his $$$ turn out to be less innocent then claimed and like recent suicide victim Goh Lee Yin , started stealing more and more, with each subsequent offence more complicated and nefarious than the last?


      At least in Goh Lee Yin, it was only property like handbags and other  luxury goods and the chief justice (Yong Pung How) was hoodwinked just once (although the precedence he set subsequently hoodwinked another very senior judge).


      As I have mentioned, in a high functioning professor interested in biomedical engineering , cognitive systems, automation and robotics, anything from pacemakers going amok to MRT trains derailing to SAF drones attacking neighboring countries could be in his repertoire... he has betrayed the trust of the supermarket staff by stealing their goods covertly. Nothing is there to stop him from stealing an entire nation's savings or releasing a N Korean nuclear tipped ballistic missle etc as long as he can pay his legions of psychiatrist enough to continue to believe and even pontificate that his royal disease is nothing alike an addiction to heroin, sex, gambling, women/ the like; and the judiciary remains yet another hapless victim of the emperor's new clothes ruse ocurring in broad daylight . People who can afford expensive psychiatrist are now above the law.

    • Rich people also have problems. I suspect that the diagnosis of 'kleptomania' was invented by psychiatrists as a bespoke diagnosis for rich people to excuse themselves temporarily from charges of theft and to help psychiatrist get rich $$$ in the process ...

      In reality, what is the big difference between the addiction (sadistic 
      ) to seeing shop owners (/society/the poor) suffer unnecessary losses (from shoplifting) to fettish for drugs like heroin? Isn't there some possible anti-social element to 'kleptomania' as there is in drug addiction too? Yet for rich dependents before the court, psychiatrist are climbing over themselves to provide bespoke treatment programmes and glowing prognosis reports so that their rich (anti-social) clients can receive public sympathy and stay out of jail. (Maybe a more convincing solution would be for these wealthy 'kleptomaniacs' to promise to donate 10- 100x the value of goods stolen if caught to children's cancer charities and for their homes to be regularly searched such that any item not backed by receipt of payment would be deemed shoplifted)...

      In Goh Lee Yin's case, she was probably fooled by her own ruse and the $inspired attention and compassion by 'professionals': the many psychiatrist who supported her initial diagnosis who were probably driven more greatly by personal greed(wealth, fame from attentive Chief justices giving credit to bespoke psychiatric services for the RICH etc) than social good... only to PULL THE RUG FROM UNDER HER FEET when the charade (scandal) became too big to hide (turning the practise of psychiatry into a big joke (jeopardizing future $profitable use of 'kleptomania' as valid excuse)...

      Goh Lee Yin's suicide is thus a tragedy of 1st world proportions: a warning against the $driven invention of bespoke diagnosis favouring the rich, but which are more harmful to society than the innovative use of ESTABLISHED methods ALREADY present (e.g. rehab treatments inspired by established drug rehab programmes, onerous and punitive $penalties wrt discipline for continued shoplifting which benefit the poor+ needy).

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