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People in SG interact less often with neighbours

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    • People in Singapore interacting less often with neighbours, prefer more privacy: Study


      People here have been interacting with their neighbours less often, such as greeting them, even as fewer of them want to have greater neighbourliness and more want to maintain their privacy.

      The findings are from the latest Graciousness Survey commissioned by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), which tracks experiences and perceptions of kindness and graciousness, released on Tuesday (June 27).

      The study polled 3,066 people - including Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreigners - via face-to-face interviews over two phases, from July to August 2016 and from December 2016 to January 2017.

      It showed that only 23 per cent of respondents exchanged greetings with their neighbours more than thrice a week, as compared to 29 per cent in last year's survey. In terms of striking of casual conversations, only 11 per cent did so over thrice a week, down from 17 per cent last year.

      When asked if they wanted to have greater neighbourliness, 26 per cent said they did - lower than the 29 per cent in the previous year. About half (57 per cent) said they think the "current situation is good enough now", 15 per cent (up from 11 per cent last year) said they preferred to maintain their privacy, while the rest said it was unnecessary to socialise with their neighbours.

      The annual survey used to have a Graciousness Index, with Singapore scoring 61 out of 100 in 2015, the last time when such figures were released. But organisers said the score had not changed significantly in recent years, and decided to do away with putting a quantitative score on graciousness.

      The latest survey showed that over the last year, more people deemed that there were no clearly evident improvements or declines in overall graciousness perceptions. It found that Singapore residents remain generally positive about the state of graciousness and kindness here. More Singaporeans also agree that they can and should take more ownership in promoting positive social values.



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    • I always try my best as much as possible to interact with them but sometimes we just don't meet so yeah ...

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    • it's quite common, even in my shared house, we don't get to talk much with the housemates

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    • Neighbours, i remember when i was young (im 23years old only) we use to trade food, play with neigbours children and parents start making friends

      everyone is tolerant of each other and would be honest and direct

      recently just moved, and neighbours also just moved in, as half my family are smoker, apparently the smoke coming out from our living room is disturbing to our neighbours which i would totally understand if you were to knock on our door to let us know

      but no, apparently for 6 months since we moved in the neighbour didnt say a word and though they would just not look at us or acknowledge us back when we nod or greet them at the lift landing (We just thought they didnt want any interaction with strangers)

      one fine day when both my parents are out, me and my sister smoking, the husband actually came out with a metal pole and started screaming at us about how our smoke smell makes them feel like they are living in hell, bla bla bla all the insultive words and phrases

      so conclusion is after so long why now then say something about it? all the chance they have to tell us about it.....but no they just wanna keep quiet until cannot take it then come out and throw tantrum like a child...


      Please people, if theres something your neighbour is doing that is annoying you, just try to tell them early on, maybe can take the opportunities by buying snacks or sharing some left overs from dinner, instead of turning up with a metal pole when you finally cant take it...communications is one of the greatest ability of a human being, use it :/

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    • To Damienfeath, f your mum cb ok. You know the meaning of considerate or not. CB kia, want smoke go find somewhere far from human civilisation and smoke to your death ok. It's because sg have more such ppl from 3rd countries and they breed their disgusting filths into this world that make living damn depressing in sg. Still want others to tell you nicely. That guy should whack you with the pole. MF.

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