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What is the most popular city in Singapore?

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    • Singapore is a city by itself. We are not large enough like our neighbors to have our own states and federal governments.

      I used to think the West and Northwest regions were isolated and devoid of life. Maybe the Northwestern regions still are, but certain locations in the West like Clementi and Queenstown have become popular due to their unbelievable proximity to town.

      Buona Vista, or whatever the neighborhood is called, has become a quite high-class estate, thanks to the new malls and buildings sprouting near the MRT station. Of course, being near to Holland Village and the NUS and Insead campus helps too.

      Sorry Jurong West, but it seems NTU and Jurong Mall are your only saving grace. However, I recognize that Jurong West is a large contributor to Singapore's economy and to some extent Johor Bahru's, so if ever you were to break away from the rest of us as an independent nation within a nation...

      Jokes aside, it seems that every region of Singapore has its own identity. I mean, Woodlands looks nothing like Pasir Ris! I guess that works to every estate's favor. All things aside, nothing beats living in the East. I find a lot of good eating places within comfortable distance. One of my ex-colleagues who lives in the West also confided that he couldn't get this range of food compared to the East.

      I also like Bedok a lot. It's a big area, covering Bedok Reservoir, to Bedok South that is in close proximity to East Coast Park. It's a mix of old school charm and new commercial development (which I'm not particularly fond of) and probably a place I would consider as my next home if I ever get to purchase an apartment.

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    • city?

      as the first line says Singapore is a city by itself


      i think u meant estates/neighbourhoods?


      clementi close to town?
      yeah, quite unbelievable

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