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Safety of NSmen outfield reservist training needs urgent rev

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      Safety of NSmen outfield reservist training needs urgent review 

      The >60% who are excused IPPT should be tested in some other way (swimming/ cycling options as are available to regular servicemen). With so many Singaporeans suffering from diabetes and the like and dropping dead @ work etc, all persons doing any outfield training should undergo a medical examination etc before ICT, the equivalent as if they were required to perform the IPPT test: otherwise it is only commonsense to permanently by default excuse them from running, marching, jumping, heavy loads since their physical fitness for reservist outfield activities is effectively suspect, dubious /unknown.


      >80% of NSmen are actually physically UNFIT for reservist military training/war... 
      (<20% NSmen actually manage to pass physical fitness test; >50% NSmen so terribly disabled/ infirm, they are excused from taking physical fitness test in SAF of any kind (no modified fitness options available (swimming, cycling etc) either)).

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      Operationally-ready national servicemen (NSmen) running as part of IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT) programme in Maju Camp on Sept 8, 2014. -- ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN - 

      '300,000-plus operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen) who form the backbone of the SAF': [SAF bends and stretches over IPPT: My Paper; 01Jul2014]

      '...Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)... ...The 2010 figures from the Ministry of Defence - the most recent available - showed that half of the 116,000 NSmen who take the test annually fail it.' [Tougher penalties for NSmen who skip IPPT; ST 31Oct2014]

      % of all NSmen who are able to achieve minimum pass @ IPPT =
      [(116,000/2) / 300,000+] = <<19.33333%
      Or much less than 20% considering that denominator is in excess of 300,000 personnel.

      % of all 'operationally ready' NSmen who are actually medically fit to take IPPT=
      116,000 / 300,000 = <38.666%
      Less than 40% NSmen are physically (medically) fit enough to qualify for IPPTtesting to have their fitness recorded and computed annually.

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    • Originally posted by redglue23:

      what is this.


      ownself create the statistics and than write to bluff chewren?

      Cannot blame me, all the figures are from state media aka SPH.

      I was just drawing the association to improve SAF NSmen outfield training SAFETY in Singapore because for the >60% who undergo ZERO form of medical/ physical fitness testing, they may have hidden diabetes, high blood  pressure etc and suddenly collaspe anytime : thus the benefit of expanding the IPPT system so that the untested >60% can also be tested to... cannot leave any stone unturned in the war against diabetes I guess. 


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