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NS should be abolished!

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    • Too many young Sgreans sacrificed for nothing. Don't need large numbers of foot soldiers for modern warfare. A contigent of gurkhas can scared a brigade of argentinian soldiers into surrender in the falklands war. Shows a well trained trim army is enough. Make all jiak liao bee regulars be real soldiers and not be pussies - pay them more if needed. Regulars should die for their money and no forced conscripts. Luckily my son know how to chao keng to siam danger in ns, but still sacrificed 2 fking yrs to protect fts to steal jobs in sg. Gavin the bionix sargent should not died in vain. But I know 70% pussies have voted to let ns continue. 

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    • You have a point. AS a student if i want to go uni, it is like setting back my life by 2 years.

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    • I've written about this before on Quora. Basically, there's like a million reasons against conscription, conscription being something that a country is supposed to impose due to abject desperation as in the case of Israel and South Korea where the threat is very real, substantial, serious and ever-present. Otherwise, there's North Korea, where it's due to authoritarianism and dictatorship.

      I could empathise with Singapore in the 60s and 70s for having NS, because back then, things were still turbulent. But now? A lot of countries which used to have conscription have already abolished conscription long ago, leaving oddballs like Singapore and a few others clinging onto NS like it's the key to paradise. And I can tell you, a lot of countries without conscription have similar population sizes as Singapore and yet more land and resources to protect - yet they didn't put their citizens out there like cannon fodder.

      You can easily search Quora for all the reasons you can possibly want against NS, plus all the desperate reasons for NS.

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    • With so many foreign nationals in Singapore, how would any enemy state attack Singapore without accidentally hurting just as many of their own people? :)

      so many foreign nationals is the best defence Singapore has :)

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