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Private Hospital sends Court Bailiff to patient's house ...

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    • Singapore private Hospital seizes $300,000+ of assets from heart bypass patient to satisfy hospital bill.
      Wonder which private hospital cos CNA did not mention, wonder which insurer, collected the premiums but did not give effective counselling so patient MISTAKENLY chose private hospital cover when she was actually NOT insured for her very lazy and UNHEALTHY lifestyle (most like sleep little, didn't exercise, ate too much etc resulting in eventual need for heart bypass surgery... would have been worse if she were mean to others cos that is bad for personal karma (raises the blood pressure and cholesterol, eat too much sugar n get diabetes, makes one grumpy n quarrelsome and angry w everyone else all the time etc)... anyway, she has amassed a large amount of wealth on earth judging by all the expensive looking furniture in her big house, she should have been less greedy for physical possessions and done more charity which would have reduced her blood pressure and cholesterol (charity is actually good exercise since u have to physically visit the poor, patiently interact with them to understand their plight and brainstorm about effective ways of improving their plight and visit them countless times to make sure that your suggestions are properly implemented whilst training oneself to be a better person @the same time).

      Insurer won because arbitrator agreed that contract favoured the insurers case. They had written the contract in such a way that the client would not be covered for heart problems at private hospital.

      Hospital won the case because patient PURPOSELY chose private hospital to get princess treatment instead of going to a gahmen one unlike our faultless , teflon Singapore Minister of Transport who had his at National Heart Center @A1+++ class for just $8 in 2010. So clever, that is why can be Transport Minister to solve SMRT flooding n train collisions...
      KBW showing off his $8 urgent heart bypass to bypass life threatening levels of fat and cholesterol had been found built up over the years in his heart arteries.
      [Image: Khaw+Boon+Wan.jpg] https://www.facebook.com/notes/theonlinecitizen/khaw-boon-wan-pays-s8-for-bypass-surgery/446633433963
      Silly women, lost some of her possessions to the karang guni n court bailiff on 9th November 2017.
      Pay attention to exclusion clauses in health insurance: Experts
      By Kamini Devadass 19 Nov 2017 12:36AM (Updated: 19 Nov 2017 12:40AM)
      A 73-year-old woman thought her hospital bill for a heart bypass surgery in 2013 would be covered by insurance but her upgraded policy had an exclusion clause for heart-related conditions. To pay bills owed to the hospital, the High Court ordered an auction of some of her assets.

      Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/pay-attention-to-exclusion-clauses-in-health-insurance-experts-9419058

      Peektures from CNA video (some annotations I added tongue in cheek though (based on my interpretation of the video)):
      [Image: xwVyqHY.jpg]
      Expensive lookin table:
      [Image: I6ro69b.jpg]
      [Image: fffBqAZ.jpg]
      I wonder how many microwave ovens make up S$300,000+...
      [Image: AgKzByU.jpg]
      Guys to do the seizing (look like professional karang guni men/ ex-ah loong san etc):
      [Image: FI6F6id.jpg]
      I believe that that's Mdm Tan showing the karang guni around although all her bank account statements are probably safely in her back pack sling bag.
      [Image: KxdjrAH.jpg]
      Very big landed property the Tan's own i assume (unless rented, if so, why cannot stay HDB?)
      [Image: cu1Goqm.jpg]
      Not my fault, I also did not put my HPB step tracker on legs of my dog, religiously exercised 150mins a week all my life, controlled my diet, shunned alcohol, helped the poor and interacted closely with them and never lost my temper... but just thought that the medical insurance company was Santa Claus whose job was to give me a free lunch...
      [Image: 8zDMmON.jpg]
      [Image: rBolHNP.jpg]

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