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Book Smart Vs Street Smart

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    • Many Singaporeans erroneously thought people who score many "A"s academically are intelligent. To me, they are good at regurgitating the knowledge they have acquired. This only shows book smart people have a photographic memory. There are many book smart people who end up getting scammed time after time. "A fool and his money are soon parted". This is proof enough such people cannot be considered as intelligent. A truly intelligent person is one who has the following characteristics : 1. Able to analyse, assess a situation correctly 2. Preempt a small problem before it blossoms into an uncontrollable disaster 3. Astute: have the ability to accurately predict the future events based on the current scenarios 4. Think and not behave like a robot 5. Ability to react appropriately to impromptu situations 6. Pragmatic and wise in the expenditure. 7. Think out of the box=innovative 8. Got the basic common sense. Alibaba's boss ever scored 1 point for his mathematics examination. He had failed in his examination. To the people who emphasise on paper chase, he might be considered as not intelligent. He now is a tycoon because he is street smart.Street smart people do not need the paper qualification to prove their real worth. Their accumulated assets is the exemplary proof that they have succeeded by tapping on true intelligence. Even in the most trying situations, they are able to emerge the ultimate winners because of their tenacity. This is evidenced that good grades do not measure a person's intelligence. It is disheartening to read headlines like on a yearly basis hundreds of million dollars were scammed from Singaporeans. The con syndicates just need to change the product using the same concept and once again book smart people fall into the trap. It is better to be street smart than book smart. Extracted from my manuscript

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