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Small In Size But Big In Achievements

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    • There is a better way for the government to increase the funds without.:

                              1. 30% increase in water charges
                              2. Increase in GST
                              3. Issuing Government bonds =using future money
                              The way is simple:
                              1. Focus on grooming home grown companies so that they can compete with the world with the intention of listing them.  These companies should be closely monitored so that the bosses and staff do not do anything to jeopardise the companies.  Only the companies that are able to show continued growth will be qualify to list. The ipo price should be a discount of the worth.  For a start,  the government will help the low income people buy 100,000 shares of 0.01 cent stock(always set at this price . It means the government spends 1,000 for every low income family.  The government also buy the ipo at that price.   On the first day of listing, there will a minimum start trading price= always 20 times.  This means that the stock will be 20 cents the low income family would now have $20,000.  In future the low income people can rely on dividend and the capital gain instead of the government handouts. The low income can also use the money earned to buy the next sure win ipo.  Every ipo is a winner for the low income.  In no time the poorest poor will no longer be poor. The government too do not have to give out any more handouts.  The government can also make money from the ipo capital gain,  dividend, gst, tax on the ipo company's income,  foreigners' money when they participate in our market and drive the price higher( translate to more capital gains for the low income and all the Singaporeans who buy) Singapore will be the 1st in the world where the poorest is not in the poverty range.  The government is also the richest. Our stock market would be the hottest. Our citizens do not have to work till 67. The illiterate low income do not have to worry because the starting initial money is from the government. The trading can be executed by a special task group.  So basically the government is really giving money to the needy without taking back by increasing gst and 30% water increase.  The rest of the population can also benefit from the ipo except the high income cannot buy from the ipo but must buy from the open market. The disparity between the rich and poor gap can be narrowed. Of course if the high income buy from open market and make than there will still be gap but the poor is no longer poor. Up to certain amount say $100,000 (the amount can be set higher)  the low Income return the government $1,000 end up with 99,000. This can be achieved either for the stock price to reach $1 or takes 5 ipos. (For easy computation,  I did not compute brokerage and other charges)
                              I know many people will say they want to belong to the low income.  Think about it low income can earn about 99k, if you are capable and list your cash cow  company you can earn millions if your company really takes off in the world.
                              I hope Singapore will break the world's record in having the most billionaires and a country without any struggling poor! Even the poorest is rich. China has 1 Jacket Ma Singapore may have 100,000 or more .
                              2. Whatever support needed to set up the company,  the government must}  render 100% support. It is tougher for individuals to do a lot of ground work. If we want the listing to take off fast then many sub committees have to be set up.  The people must be street smart assess the feasibility of the proposals based on merits. It does not matter if that person has no qualifications. Ultimately, the product or service must be in great demand by the world. 
                              What we want is to earn other people's money and increase our GDP and the quality of life for all citizens. The rich can always buy in the open market. There's no  need  to  launch any  foreign  shares  that  always  scam  our  money.
                              3. Besides acquiring physical assets,  we also need to have good health.  It is achievable if we eliminate the toxins that can harm our health.  Everybody's mindset has to change.  Educate the public on what are the toxins that are causing the chronic, terminal and autoimmune diseases.  We can't have an ailing population to compete with the world.  This is another first that I hope Singapore can become: the first  smoke free country in the world plus the country with the most number of healthiest people.  If we can achieve this it will also mean medically we spend less and can break many other records like the least health care cost spent country in the world.
                              Our medical team can still earn the foreigners' money but let the locals use the appropriate food to permanently  heal without any side effects,  recurrence, cheap and effective.
                              I have helped someone to heal a bacterial infection on her fingers that she claimed oral medicine, injection and ointment applied for 1 year did not help.  It was very itchy.  I told her to apply a one dollar plus product.  She told me the next day it was healed.  Many people feel in order to heal the treatment must be treated by a doctor and has to take the toxic medicine and exercise.  I believe in neither because I have seen too many tragic cases.  From able to walk end up in a wheel chair, from 1 simple cholesterol problem after taking aotin medicine got persistent cough, urinary incontinence, mood swings,  etc.
                              I hope everybody read about the side effects of medicine and exercise.
                              Smoke free Singapore means 1/2 of the health problems will be solved the other half will be food and fluid toxins.
                              We should be one united people to combat the illnesses,  income disparity and show the world we may be small in size but big in achievements.  I also want to prove to the abominable Taiwanese writer,  Li Ao we are not a snort!
                              Hope  the  government pay  me  a  big  consultation  fee  if  they  adopt  my  idea  that  everyone can strike lottery  every time a  quality Singapore stock is  launched.

      P.s. sorry for the errors that my predictor made.

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